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It can be difficult to keep in mind the details of repairs and services relating to your one or two vehicles. Now imagine dealing with a whole pool of vehicles, be they company or leased delivery cars, passenger vehicles, or even private vehicles (staff-owned) used at work (grey fleet)—doesn't it seem out of this world? Well, this is where fleet management software comes into play.

Fleet management software defined

Fleet management software is a computer program that helps people to carry out some tasks in the management concerning a fleet of vehicles that a company, an individual, a government, or an organization operates. The tasks involve everything from the acquisition, to the operation, to maintenance, and finally to disposal. The software also includes driver management, and if it is incorporated with vehicle telematics and monitoring, it can help to compare driver and vehicle performance.
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Functions performed by fleet management software

The basic function of a fleet software is data collection, storage, processing, monitoring, reporting/sharing, and exporting. The software may get the data from external sources like financial institutions, gas pumps, motor vehicle inspection centers, or insurance companies. Additionally, it gets data from internal sources, like the finance department, operations, or the human resource department.
   Here are the detailed functions performed by fleet management software:
Driver management
Driver licensing — to ensure the driver has the relevant and valid license for the vehicle they are driving. Other things include when the license/endorsement expires, and a reminder for an eye-check, for example upon reaching a certain age.
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   Work-time management — to allocate work through a booking system for several vehicles.
   Indiscipline/infringement — to keep records of penalty points and other issues.
Vehicle management
Vehicle inventory — to maintain records of the various vehicles and number of vehicles operated by the entity. There could be a section for managing grey fleet so that all private vehicles used at work are duly approved.
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   Vehicle licensing and registration — to ensure the various documents for the fleet vehicles, like warrant of fitness (WoF), Road User Charge (RUC) licenses, and more.
   Vehicle maintenance — to ensure scheduled maintenance is adhered to in order to meet contractual terms for leased vehicles or to ensure that warranties remain valid.
   Vehicle cost management — to compute the total cost of ownership, including servicing, fuel costs, depreciation, and more. It helps the entity determine if it is getting a reasonable return for its investment.
Telematics and tracking
Telematics employs a GPS system to monitor the vehicle and may send alerts after a set duration. You can monitor your vehicle whereabouts with it. For a first-class tracking system and other fleet management services, you can check out You will be able to get real-time data on your vehicle and even monitor drivers' behavior. This will reduce the costs of operations and ensure high employee productivity.
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Benefits of fleet management software

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The following are some of the benefits of fleet management software:
   Longer useful life — The fleet vehicle is serviced in good time and its usage is tracked to avoid misuse, thus giving it a longer useful life.
   Minimizing of vehicle operating costs — It ensures sticking to the designated routes, fuel consumption, and increased warranty claim to help cut running costs.
   Increased labor productivity — It properly monitors vehicles and drivers, ensuring labor hours are well utilized without idling or doing unauthorized services.
   Better customer service — There are minimal breakdowns due to timely maintenance and monitoring of vehicle whereabouts to ensure timely delivery of customer goods.
   High compliance — The proper maintenance of records and activation of alerts ensure that inspections are done without skipping any other legal requirements to improve compliance, therefore saving on penalties and avoiding other problems like accidents due to poorly maintained vehicles.[]

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