Friday, October 19, 2018

Signal Portable, Privacy that fits in your pocket!
"Yes, this list of features sounds a lot like WhatsApp. ... But WhatsApp raises a few concerns that Signal doesn't. First, it's owned by Facebook, a company whose primary interest is in collecting information about you to sell you ads. ... Even though the content of your WhatsApp messages are encrypted, Facebook can still extract metadata from your habits, like who you're talking to and how frequently." —Jordan McMahon, (11.05.17 08:00 AM)
"This messenger is known as Edward Snowden's favorite private-messaging app, because it's hailed as the most secure messenger available." —Neilie Johnson, (Oct 10, 2017)
"In short, if a government demands that Open Whisper Systems hand over the content or metadata of a Signal message or a user’s contact list, it has nothing to hand over. And that government will have just as little luck requesting backups of Signal messages from Google or Apple." —Micah Lee, (June 23 2016, 12:49 a.m.)
Signal messages and calls are always end-to-end encrypted and painstakingly engineered to keep your communication safe. The developer (Open Whisper Systems) can't read your messages or see your calls, and no one else can either.

Size: 236 MB (247,476,224 bytes) Packed Size: 72.5 MB (76,029,952 bytes)
MD5: 169667C98E41892AE1DBE0E8FBE9993E

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DIY/Do It Yourself: Upgrade to the Latest Release

Requirements 7-Zip, NPP/Notepad++ or other text editor, Launcher Generator/PAL, Installer/PAI.

  1. Get the latest portable app. template, and extract the content with 7-Zip.
  2. Get the latest Signal for Windows release.
  3. Put it in the same folder as the extracted template, in our example C:\0TEST, then open it with 7-Zip, Open archive
    browse into $PLUGINSDIR\app-64.7z package → select all contents and extract them to SignalPortable\App\Signal folder, Extract contents to App\Signal
  4. Browse to SignalPortable\App\AppInfo and open appinfo.ini file with NPP. Replace the [Version] section with the latest version number. Make sure the PackageVersion entry is in 4 place digit, eg. not just 1.6.1,
     DisplayVersion=1.6.1 (64 bit)
  5. Run PAL, paste the template folder address C:\0TEST\SignalPortable, and click Go—a new launcher will be created, Create new launcher
  6. Test the new launchers by following this guide.
  7. When all is OK, then delete the SignalPortable\Data folder and run PAI, paste the package folder address C:\0TEST\SignalPortable, and click Go—to create the installer package. Create installer
  8. Use the installer package to upgrade your portable application. Don't forget to at least backup your Data folder before any upgrade :)
  9. If you find any changes that's not handled by the launcher, consult the PAL help file to modify the launcher yourself or ask for our paid upgrade support.

Portability Notes

  • Signal do not have portable mode. It stores its settings in Windows data folder while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.
  • You can help by sending request to the official developer to add "portable mode" to their future release.

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