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Recover deleted, formatted or lost data from PC, laptop or removable device easily and quickly
"An impressive piece of data recovery software that will even impress IT professionals looking to sharpen their edge, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of our top recommendations." —Joseph Gildred, (21 Mar'18)
"EaseUS has a few minor UI and configuration problems, but still offers up enough features to make up for what it lacks." —Chris Stobing, (December 22, 2017)
"When restoring multiple files at once, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard keeps their original folder structure intact. I like that it works this way because it makes it easy to understand where they were before you deleted them." —Tim Fisher, (January 02, 2018)
The main window looks clean and easy. All your storage devices are displayed with a "Scan" button to start finding your deleted files (please right-click and open any image to a new tab for clearer viewing),
Clean and easy UI
   On the top-right corner you can see that it provides 500MB data to recover — as this is a free trial edition. But you can hover on the "share" button and share this application to increase the limit to 2GB, easy!
Hover on the Share button
Share it to up it into 2GB free recovery
   Now let's plug in my thumb drive, and... it automatically rescan any new plugged-in storage device, nice!
Auto rescan any plugged storage
   We can pick any storage to scan or we can just scan a specific folder, just expand the "Specify a location" arrow and click "Browse". It will bring up a "Browse for Folder" window and we can pick a specific folder to save scanning time,
Scan specific location
   Ok, now let's try scanning my repeteadly formatted thumb drive and see if EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard/DRW can find anything. First we choose the "4G-SANDISK (F:)" thumb drive then click "Scan",
Select thumb drive and scan
   It will start a deep scan,
Deep scan progress
   It took around 3 minutes to scan my 4GB (USB 2) thumb drive. There's "Quick Scan result" and "Deep Scan result". Although the user interface is quite confusing this time. If you expand the "Quick..." one, the "Deep..." one collapsed to the bottom of the left side bar. So there's still room for improvement, ey?
Quick and Deep scan results
   I assume the "Deep Scan result" are a lot harder to recover, so let's try that one. I'll pick a Canon photograph from before I formatted my thumb drive,
Recover a deep scan result
   We have to recover it to another drive, in this case I'll recover it on my Desktop,
Recover to different partition
   It automatically recovers the file into a folder on my Desktop,
Recovered on my Desktop
   And the file looks fine!
   I guess we can summarize it in a simple way: it's an easy free data recovery software and it works :)
   I intentionally choose to recover from a portable thumb drive because it is usually harder to recover data from this type of storage. If it can handle thumb drive, then it can obviously handle recycle bin, partition, or hard drive recovery.
   You can learn more about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on their website. The list of file types and devices support is growing. No GNU/Linux edition for now—only PC and Mac—but it can recover GNU/Linux file system like ext2/ext3.

Tip for Portable Application Users

Most portable application users dislike the idea of installing a software just to try it out. So, we include in this article on how to remove EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free installation from your system after you try it.
   First, remove it with a good uninstaller utility, like IObit Uninstaller, or Soft Organizer.
   Then, check these places just in case it's not completely removed:
  • Registry:
    • HKLM\SOFTWARE\EASEUS\EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
    • HKLM\SOFTWARE\EASEUS, if empty
  • Directories:
    • %PROGRAMFILES%\EaseUS\EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
    • %PROGRAMFILES%\EaseUS, if empty
    • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\SystemAcCrux, if empty
Happy testing :)

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