Saturday, November 4, 2017

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Portable, The best free data recovery software to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from PC, laptop or removable device easily and quickly!
" saves you money. will also save you grief and data. 2GB of data to be specific. ...Also, that's a running count--so each time you recover data, you can recover less of it." —Jon L. Jacobi, (Jul 15, 2010 12:00 AM PT)
"EaseUS offers bootable media through which you can recover data even when your system can not boot. But you need to buy this bootable recovery media separately." —Jinka Varalakshmi, (September 24, 2017)
"When restoring multiple files at once, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard keeps their original folder structure intact. I like that it works this way because it makes it easy to understand where they were before you deleted them." —Tim Fisher, (September 21, 2017)
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a free file recovery program that can recover data from internal and external hard drives, as well as USB devices, memory cards, iOS devices, music players, and more.
   The user interface is very straightforward, modern and clean (right-click → open image in a new tab, for bigger image),

EaseUS DRW clean and modern look
   As you can see, with the free version you can only recover 500MB of data. Well, initially, cause by clicking the sharing button and share it on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook,

Click the share button!
you'll boost up your data recovery quota 400% to 2000MB or 2GB worth of data,

A 400% boost!
    And from our experience, you don't even have to actually share it on your social account, just click one of the social icon and let the default browser run, then you'll get your 400% boost. (Don't forget to say, 'Thanks EaseUS!', and we can see here how EaseUS really lives up to its name, it really ease us... ;)

   Now, from our past experience, the most difficult data recovery is when you have to recover it from your removable gadgets for example a thumbdrive.
   But before that, we want to let you know that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard/EaseUS DRW lets you recover from any specific location/folder too,

Pick any location to recover from...
   Ok then, now let's see how EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard recover our recently formatted thumbdrive. Just click the thumbdrive icon and click scan,

Scan the thumbdrive...
   It took around 4 minutes to deep scan a 4GB thumbdrive. So it's 1GB/minute for you! But it also depends on your thumbdrive brand, SanDisks are usually fast.
   That 1GB/minute deep scan speed is actually quicker than our experience with Piriform's Recuva. That's a good sign :)

Just 1GB/minutes!
   We're going to try to recover a random file, let's see if we can recover this mp3 J-Pop song "Rain" by Motohiro Hata,

Recover Rain by Motohiro Hata
   As recommended by EaseUS DRW, we will recover it to other physical drive, in this case our local hard drive's D:\0TEMP folder. As you can see, it's recovered and can be played perfectly again with Groove Music,

Safe and sounded...
   And that was quite impressive, no wonder EaseUS DRW got the gold award from
   If that 2GB quota is just too limiting, then you can buy the "Pro" or our recommendation is the the "Pro + WinPE" edition that you can run from bootable media in case of emergency.
   The "Pro + WinPE" is especially useful when your only computer just won't boot up after a serious crash. This edition will let you recover data even when your system fails to start after such crash.

   Ok, now let's close our EaseUS DRW..., but wait, it offers us to save our last session. Hmm, that's quite handy. We don't have to go through that deep scan phase again if we want to recover other files from the thumbdrive. Even though it only took 4 minutes but saving time is always a good thing :)

Save last session?

The Competition

So are there alternatives when your pocket is not deep enough for that gold award EaseUS DRW? Fortunately there are some from our friends in the freeware community:
  • Piriform Recuva, a simple wizard and deep scans, Recuva is the free recovery software you need on hand in case disaster strikes.
  • TestDisk and PhotoRec, two command line based tools that's just classic and can recover files from any storage media, in hundreds of file formats.
  • Paragon Rescue Kit Free, this one is something like the "Pro + WinPE" edition that can help you regain control when disaster strikes.

   We hope this review could be a useful practical knowledge, and don't forget to at least check out EaseUS DRW :)[]