Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Flame Painter Portable, Paint with Unique Flame, Light and Smoke Brushes!
"This app allows your little artist to exercise his or her creativity by importing pictures and enhancing them with light effects using 'flame brushes.'" —Kelli, (11/26/2013)
"Even if you don't have a lot of art expertise, you can still so much with this app. It does a lot of the hard work for you." —adlenka (a user), (March 06, 2013)
"I also liked the fact that you can go to their website and get many more brush presets that are available for download, and get this: you can click on any one you like, and you can drag and drop it directly into the open program! That's great!" —Barbara Din, (May 18, 2017)
Flame Painter is a unique paint application that lets you easily create original artworks, light effects, unconventional design or beautiful backgrounds with flame brushes.
   With Flame Painter, everyone can be an artist.

Size: 89.9 MB (94,294,016 bytes) Packed Size: 25.0 MB (26,284,032 bytes)
MD5: 4853238EFF5F386090152C4D0DCD43C8

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How to activate?

If you happened to get the Shareware on Sale/SoS free license, you can use it to activate this app—or just wait for their other giveaway event on BitsDuJour, GOTD/Giveaway of the Day, or Giveaway Club.

Portability Notes

  • Flame Painter do not have portable mode. It stores its settings in Windows registry and data folders while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.
  • You can help by sending request to the official developer to add "portable mode" to their future release.

About the Publisher

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