Saturday, July 22, 2017

SQLiteStudio Portable, an SQLite database manager!
"I don't say this often, but it's just a 'A Joy to Use'." —rDocSalvager, (Nov 23 2012 at 17:41)
"SQLiteStudio is a comprehensive and reliable SQLite database manager that provides you with a simple means of managing the contents of each database, including tables, triggers and views. ...handy for users who need to manage and alter SQLite databases by inserting new tables, views, triggers and indexes." —Cristina Jitaru, (Nov 4, 2016)
"Compiles great and looks awesome." —m4tt3y (a user), (03/13/2015)
SQLiteStudio is a SQLite database manager with intuitive interface, all SQLite3 and SQLite2 features wrapped within simple GUI.

Size: 47.8 MB (50,208,768 bytes) Packed Size: 16.5 MB (17,362,944 bytes)
MD5: 1FAA23C2124054FC13111DEA7A7CF315

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User Manual

Included in the help file.

Portability Notes

  • SQLiteStudio writes non essential data to Windows registry while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

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