Tuesday, December 12, 2017

GoldenDict Portable, the world's best dictionary management application!
"This is a wonderful Dictionary Lookup Program with so many features! Offering it free of charge is a great social service really!" —srpremkumar (a user), download.cnet.com (September 06, 2015)
"A very useful app for students like me. Thank you for developing this amazing software." —joelogden (a user), sourceforge.net
"GoldenDict is a free, feature-rich offline dictionary program for Windows and Linux. It supports multiple dictionary formats, such as Babylon, StarDict, and WordNet. You can also look up words on Wikipedia, Wiktionary, or any other MediaWiki-based websites using GoldenDict. It also supports looking up and listening to pronunciations using the pronunciation guide, forvo.com." —Lori Kaufman, howtogeek.com (December 22nd, 2012)
Goldendict is a dictionary content management application that can show definitions from more than one dictionary at a time.

Size: 149 MB (156,348,416 bytes) Packed Size: 39.2 MB (41,107,456 bytes)
MD5: 21B50869FA238376A8888A4FC8D61C01

Size: 276 MB (289,431,552 bytes) Packed Size: 70.8 MB (74,342,400 bytes)
MD5: 4ECED3C25EA1043BDD625585011DD6C4

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Getting dictionaries for GoldenDict

There are a lot of third-party dictionaries the program can work with. Here is a list of some common resources.

Portability Notes

  • GoldenDict stores some settings in Windows data folder and writes non essential Qt SDK-related data to Windows registry while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.
  • You can help by up voting our request/suggestion post to the official developer to modify the "portable mode" in their future release.

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