Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Discord Portable, all-in-one voice and text chat!
"The voice quality is crisper and clearer thanks to a more modern voice engine than what’s used by the now decade-and-a-half-old choices like TeamSpeak and Ventrilo..." —Tom Marks, (May 13, 2016)
"Discord positions itself as a way to replace your programs such as Skype, TeamSpeak, Mumble, Ventrillo, etc..." —Aikage, (Sep 19, 2015)
"Tl;dr Discord seems to be great (feature whise), but there are some really big issue with fundamental stuff like audio quality and latency. In the end i hope Discord will succeed because it's really above its opponent feature wise." —Mrpoussin (a user), (Dec 26, 2015)
Discord is a modern free group voice & text chat app.

Size: 118 MB (124,493,824 bytes) Packed Size: 42.0 MB (44,101,632 bytes)
MD5: 0A214AB72B2876C3B9518CFA3843B6E0

More releases... More releases...

PTB/Public Test Build

Size: 124 MB (131,047,424 bytes) Packed Size: 41.6 MB (43,622,400 bytes)

Brief Manual

Quick getting started manual included in the help file.

Recommended Channel

Want to find more portable application sources? Get your Discord portable and Connect!

DIY/Do It Yourself: Upgrade to the Latest Release

Requirements 7-Zip, NPP/Notepad++ or other text editor, Launcher Generator/PAL, Installer/PAI.

  1. We'll use the stable release as example, you can infer from this example to upgrade the PTB (Public Test Build) release.
  2. Get the latest portable app. template, and extract the content with 7-Zip.
  3. Get the latest Discord release.
  4. Put it in the same folder as the extracted template, in our example C:\0TEST, then extract the installer by following this guide.
  5. Extract the net45 folder to DiscordPortable\App then rename it to Discord, net45 to DiscordPortable\App
  6. Browse to DiscordPortable\App\AppInfo and open appinfo.ini file with NPP. Replace the [Version] section with the latest version number. Make sure the PackageVersion entry is in 4 place digit, eg. 0.0.300.0 not just 0.0.300, Update version
  7. Run PAL, paste the template folder address C:\0TEST\DiscordPortable, and click Go—a new launcher will be created, Create new launcher
  8. Test the new launchers by following this guide.
  9. When all is OK, then delete the DiscordPortable\Data folder and run PAI, paste the package folder address C:\0TEST\DiscordPortable, and click Go—to create the installer package. Create installer
  10. Use the installer package to upgrade your portable application. Don't forget to at least backup your Data folder before any upgrade :)
  11. If you find any changes that's not handled by the launcher, consult the PAL help file to modify the launcher yourself or ask for our paid upgrade support.

Portability Notes

  • Discord do not have portable mode. It stores its settings in Windows data folders while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.
  • You can help by upvoting this request to the official developer to add "portable mode" to their future release.

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