Saturday, April 1, 2017

We're close, for now...we hope ;)
We decide to stop our work on
   As you've all been reading on the side bar these past 6 months, this enterprise can't really pay for itself—let alone for us (me the poor developer and my beloved folks).
   We need time to regroup to think out ways to resume or do something else that might be more profitable. (Let's hope that silly double negative in the title will do wonders and actually make this closing just another April fool :)
   Ok, now...
   We will release our last custom Development Suite in the coming days or weeks to let you do your own DIY upgrade.
   We might update some of our release in the future—cause we need/use it anyway—but it won't closely follow the official software update release. (But don't hold your breath... :)
   As the Messenger [sas] said centuries ago, "If you slaughter, make it sharp and quick," and so... that's it![]

PS. I you want to comment you can do it on one of our social media...