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Jun 9, 2019Added WinDynamicDesktop
Apr 3, 2019Added StarUML
Apr 1, 2019Added Launchy
Mar 25, 2019Added Artweaver
Mar 15, 2019Added Brackets text editor
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Accessibility category icon Accessibility

WebbIE icon WebbIE,  text-based browser for screenreader—or quick information look up :).

Development category icon Development

Abricotine icon Abricotine, markdown text-editor.
Atom icon Atom, text-editor.
BlueGriffon icon BlueGriffon, WYSIWYG Web (HTML/XML-CSS-JavaScript) editor.
Boostnote icon Boostnote, note-taking app. for programmers.
Brackets icon Brackets, front-end web development text editor.
CreateInstall Free icon CreateInstall Free, installer and self-extracted archive creator.
Dependency Walker icon Dependency Walker, application libraries analyzer.
FlowHeater Designer icon FlowHeater Designer, data export/import, format conversion.
HippoEDIT icon HippoEDIT, Notepad++-like text editor.
Komodo Edit icon Komodo Edit, text editor.
Light Table icon Light Table, a light IDE/Integrated Development Environment.
Markdown Edit icon Markdown Edit, markdown text editor.
Poedit icon Poedit, application language translator. Installer icon Installer, portable application installer packager, "thumbapps Edition". Launcher icon Launcher, portable application launcher generator. "thumbapps Edition".
Postman icon Postman, API development.
SQLiteStudio icon SQLiteStudio, SQLite database manager.
StarUML icon StarUML, flowchart, DFD, ER diagram, and UML modeler.
Sublime Text icon Sublime Text, text editor.
Venis (NSIS IDE) icon Venis (NSIS IDE), visual NSIS development environment.
Write! icon Write!, text editor/markup.

Education category icon Education

Athan icon Athan Basic, Islamic prayer time.
Formulator MathML Editor icon Formulator MathML Editor, MathML mathematical expressions editor and simple solver.
GeoGebra Math Apps icon GeoGebra Math Apps, dynamic geometry-algebra-combo math.
GeoGebra Classic for Desktop icon GeoGebra Classic for Desktop, dynamic geometry-algebra-combo math.
GoldenDict icon GoldenDict, dictionary manager.
Hadith Software (Islamasoft) icon Hadith Software (Islamasoft), ahadith collections reference.
Muhaddith icon Muhaddith, English and Arabic Islamic references.
Munadi icon Munadi, Islamic prayer time.
Muslim Prayer Times icon Muslim Prayer Times, small prayer time applet.
Salaat Time icon Salaat Time, Islamic prayer time.
Shollu icon Shollu, Islamic prayer times.
Tagaini Jisho icon Tagaini Jisho, Japanese study/dictionary.
WaKan icon WaKan, Chinese/Japanese study/dictionary.
WaKan (Development Edition) icon WaKan (Development Edition), Chinese/Japanese study/dictionary.
zKanji icon zKanji, Japanese study/dictionary.

Games category icon Games

Cheat Engine icon Cheat Engine, gameplay tweaking.
IObit Game Booster icon IObit Game Booster, speed up computer for gaming.

Graphics and Pictures category icon Graphics and Pictures

Artweaver icon Artweaver, raster graphics painting editor.
A Sharper Scaling icon A Sharper Scaling, high quality image enlarger.
Ashampoo Snap icon Ashampoo Snap, screen capture/screenshot.
BabaCAD icon BabaCAD, light and fast 2D computer-aided design/CAD.
Cosmetic Guide icon Cosmetic Guide, photo/portrait touch up wizard.
Cyotek Color Palette Editor icon Cyotek Color Palette Editor, color palette editor.
Easy Photo Denoise icon Easy Photo Denoise, wizard-based tool to correct image noise.
Flame Painter icon Flame Painter, painting with creative preset brushes.
form·Z free icon form·Z free, 3D modeling and printing.
FreeCAD icon FreeCAD, parametric 3D CAD modeler.
GPS Location Remover For Photos icon GPS Location Remover For Photos, photos GPS location info clean up.
Honeyview icon Honeyview, image viewer.
ImageGlass icon ImageGlass, image viewer.
Krita icon Krita, digital sketching and painting.
MediBang Paint Pro icon MediBang Paint Pro, digital manga/comic painting or general painting.
Paint.NET icon Paint.NET, image editor.
Paint.NET 3.5.11 icon Paint.NET 3.5.11, Paint.NET for older Windows.
Palette Editor icon Palette Editor, color picker, mixer, and palette editor.
PhotoScape icon PhotoScape, photo editing.
PhotoScissors icon PhotoScissors, image background removal.
Photo Stamp Remover icon Photo Stamp Remover, photo correction, watermark removal.
Picture Cutout Guide icon Picture Cutout Guide, image/picture background remover.
PT Photo Editor icon PT Photo Editor, easy pro photo editing.
QuickViewer icon QuickViewer, image viewer with emphasis on speed.
Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT) icon Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT), image size optimization.
ShareX icon ShareX, screenshot and image sharing.
Sketch Drawer (SoftOrbits) icon Sketch Drawer (SoftOrbits), image to sketch wizard.
SmillaEnlarger icon SmillaEnlarger, smooth image enlarger.
Snipaste icon Snipaste, screen capture/screenshot.
SoftOrbits Photo Editor icon SoftOrbits Photo Editor, wizard-based photo editor.
Sweet Home 3D icon Sweet Home 3D, home interior and furniture design.
Synfig Studio icon Synfig Studio, 2D vector animation.
Tupí icon Tupí, 2D animation.
XnConvert icon XnConvert, batch image conversion.
XnRetro icon XnRetro, vintage camera effects.
XnSketch icon XnSketch, turn photos into cartoon or sketch images.
XnViewMP icon XnViewMP, advanced image viewer and organizer.
yEd Graph Editor icon yEd Graph Editor, diagramming editor.

Internet category icon Internet

Allavsoft icon Allavsoft, Internet video downloader.
Aurora Browser icon Aurora Browser, a light, fast, IE-based browser.
BitLord icon BitLord, BitTorrent client.
BitSpirit icon BitSpirit, BitTorrent client.
BitTorrent icon BitTorrent, BitTorrent client.
Brave browser icon Brave browser, Chromium-based, privacy and cryptocurrency featured browser.
Chromium icon Chromium, Blink-based browser.
Chromium nik's build icon Chromium nik's build, Chromium-based browser with all codecs enabled (Widevine) and faster (pgo optimized).
Chromium, UnGoogled icon Chromium, UnGoogled, Chromium-based browser with enhanced privacy, control, and transparency.
Citrio icon Citrio, Chromium-based browser with torrent/media/download manager, proxy manager.
ClipGrab icon ClipGrab, video downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and other online video sites.
Coc Coc icon Coc Coc, Chromium-based, Vietnamese-focused browser.
CuteTorrent icon CuteTorrent, BitTorrent client.
Cyberduck icon Cyberduck, FTP/file transer client.
Deluge icon Deluge, BitTorrent client.
Discord icon Discord, group voice and text chat.
Download Ninja icon Download Ninja, resumable, accelerated download manager.
 taken down  Epic Privacy Browser icon Epic Privacy Browser, Chromium-based, Indian-focused browser.
EverySync icon EverySync, local/network/cloud file synchronization.
FeedDemon icon FeedDemon, RSS/Really Simple Syndication news reader.
File & Image Uploader icon File & Image Uploader, upload manager to different file and image hosting.
Firefox icon Firefox, Gecko-based browser.
Free Download Manager/FDM icon Free Download Manager/FDM, resumable, accelerated download manager.
Free Torrent Download icon Free Torrent Download, BitTorrent client.
Google Chrome icon Google Chrome, Chromium-based browser.
 discontinued  Google Drive icon Google Drive, cloud storage/sync. client.
HexChat icon HexChat, IRC/Internet Relay Chat communication client.
HTTrack icon HTTrack, website downloader.
Iridium Browser icon Iridium Browser, a Chromium-based browser which emphasizes user privacy.
Jitsi Desktop icon Jitsi Desktop, voice/video conferencing (VOIP/SIP), chat (IRC, etc), instant messaging/IM client.
KVIrc icon KVIrc, IRC/Internet Relay Chat client.
LINE icon LINE, chat and messaging.
Maelstrom icon Maelstrom, BitTorrent-based websites browser.
ManyDownloader icon ManyDownloader, download manager, BitTorrent client, media (audio/video) downloader, FTP client and Cloud client.
Maxthon Nitro/MxNitro icon Maxthon Nitro/MxNitro, light, chromium-based browser.
MEGA Sync icon MEGA Sync, free MEGA cloud sync, upload, and download client.
Messenger for Desktop icon Messenger for Desktop, Facebook Messenger client.
 discontinued  Networx icon Networx, bandwidth monitoring.
NotiPage icon NotiPage, web page changes detection/monitoring.
Opera icon Opera, Chromium-based browser.
Opera Neon icon Opera Neon, Chromium-based browser.
pcxFirefox icon pcxFirefox, PGO-build, optimized, faster Mozilla Firefox variant.
PirateSnoop Browser icon PirateSnoop Browser, Chromium-based browser, unblock blocked/censored website.
qBittorrent icon qBittorrent, BitTorrent client.
RcloneBrowser RcloneBrowser, multiple cloud service sync. client.
Signal Messenger Signal Messenger, chat/group-chat, voice/video call, WhatsApp+Skype-like messaging.
Silverlight icon Silverlight, plug-in for Web media and applications.
Skype icon Skype, messaging and phone.
Sleipnir icon Sleipnir, Chromium-based browser with font render optimization.
Torch (browser) icon Torch (browser), Chromium-based browser with BitTorrent support.
Transmission icon Transmission, BitTorrent client.
Tribler icon Tribler, anonymous BitTorrent client.
Trillian icon Trillian, multiple instant messaging and social networks manager.
UC Browser for PC icon UC Browser for PC, Chromium-based browser.
Userscloud File Manager icon Userscloud File Manager, desktop upload manager.
uTorrent icon µTorrent, BitTorrent client.
uTorrent Web icon uTorrent Web, browser-based BitTorrent client.
Viber icon Viber, messaging and phone.
Vivaldi icon Vivaldi, Chromium-based browser.
Waterfox icon Waterfox, 64-bit Firefox-based browser.
WebMon icon WebMon, web page changes monitor.
WebTorrent icon WebTorrent, streaming browser torrent client.
WeChat icon WeChat, chat and messaging.
WhatsApp for PC icon WhatsApp for PC, instant messaging.
Xtreme Download Manager/XDM icon Xtreme Download Manager/XDM, resumable, accelerated download manager.
Yandex icon Yandex, Chromium-based, Russian-focused browser.

Music and Video category icon Music and Video

5kplayer icon 5kplayer, Ultra High-Definition/UHD/4K/H.265/HEVC video player.
ActivePresenter icon ActivePresenter, screen recorder/screencast.
Aegisub icon Aegisub, subtitles editor.
Aiseesoft Video Enhancer icon Aiseesoft Video Enhancer, video quality enhancer, converter, and downloader.
AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player icon AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player, bluray disc and media player.
Audacious icon Audacious, XMMS/WinAmp-like audio player.
Avidemux icon Avidemux, video editor and converter.
CherryPlayer icon CherryPlayer, local and online/streaming media player.
Clementine icon Clementine, music player and library organizer.
CORNPlayer icon CORNPlayer, simple media and Youtube player.
Dark Audacity icon Dark Audacity, audio editor.
Dopamine icon Dopamine, light and simple audio player and music collection organizer.
DuckieTV icon DuckieTV, TV shows tracker/calendar schedule and BitTorrent client.
DVDStyler icon DVDStyler, DVD authoring.
Exact Audio Copy (EAC) icon Exact Audio Copy (EAC), audio CD ripper with AccurateRip technology.
FreeTelly icon FreeTelly, a Kodi fork, media entertainment center.
GOM Audio Player icon GOM Audio Player, audio and online radio player.
GOM Media Player icon GOM Media Player, video player.
HandBrake icon HandBrake, video converter.
Helio Workstation/DAW icon Helio Workstation/DAW, music composer, digital audio workstation.
Hootr (f.k.a. Vermin) icon Hootr (f.k.a. Vermin), podcatcher, audio and video aggregator.
kid3 icon kid3, audio tag editor.
KMPlayer icon KMPlayer, 2D/3D media player.
Kodi icon Kodi, media entertainment center.
Light Alloy Player icon Light Alloy Player, compact multimedia player.
MediaMonkey icon MediaMonkey, audio/video manager.
Media Player Classic-Black Edition/MPC-BE icon Media Player Classic-Black Edition/MPC-BE, MPC-HC with modified UI and more options.
Media Player Classic-Home Cinema/MPC-HC icon Media Player Classic-Home Cinema/MPC-HC, media player.
MP3 Quality Modifier icon MP3 Quality Modifier, MP3 file size reducer.
MusicBee icon MusicBee, music manager and player.
Musixmatch icon Musixmatch, song lyrics and translations catalog.
OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) icon OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), video streaming and capture.
OcenAudio icon OcenAudio, audio editor.
OpenShot icon OpenShot, video editor.
Popcorn Time icon Popcorn Time, Movie/TV shows streaming.
PotPlayer icon PotPlayer, 2D/3D media player.
Powder Player icon Powder Player, streaming and torrents video player.
SMPlayer icon SMPlayer, MPlayer/MPV-based media player.
SolveigMM AVI Trimmer+ icon SolveigMM AVI Trimmer+, AVI/MKV video cutter.
Stremio icon Stremio, videos, movies, TV series and YouTube channels streaming manager.
TFileInfo icon TFileInfo, media info viewer.
Tipard Video Enhancer icon Tipard Video Enhancer, video resolution enhancer and converter.
Tomahawk icon Tomahawk, offline-online music/radio player and aggregator.
Vermin icon Vermin, podcatcher, audio and video aggregator.
VideoInspector icon VideoInspector, video playing troubleshooting.
VLC Media Player icon VideoLAN - VLC Media Player, media player.
VSDC Video Editor Free Edition icon VSDC Video Editor Free Edition, video editor.
Winamp icon Winamp, music player.
WindowsPlayer icon WindowsPlayer, media player.
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum icon WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, copy protected DVD ripper.
XRECODE3 icon XRECODE3, audio converter, grabber, and extractor.
Zoom Player FREE icon Zoom Player FREE, media player.

Office category icon Office

Adobe Digital Editions icon Adobe Digital Editions, document reader.
Adept PDF Converter Kit icon Adept PDF Converter Kit, PDF converter.
Atomic Wallet icon Atomic Wallet, universal multi-assets wallet.
CintaNotes icon CintaNotes, simple note taking and organizer.
EssentialPIM icon EssentialPIM, personal information manager (email, contacts, calendar, task scheduler, passsword manager).
Evernote icon Evernote, note-taking productivity app.
Evolution icon Evolution, personal information manager (email, contacts, calendar, task scheduler).
Exodus icon Exodus, wallet, exchange, and cryptocurrency manager.
Foxmail icon Foxmail, personal information manager (email, contacts) and messaging client.
HomeBank icon HomeBank, personal finance manager.
 taken down  Icecream eBook Reader icon Icecream eBook Reader, ebook reader.
Inbox2 icon Inbox2, email and social media messaging client.
Inky icon Inky, email client.
Knowte icon Knowte, note taking, organizer, and finder.
Kotobee Author icon Kotobee Author, eBooks creator/editor.
Mattermost icon Mattermost, a Slack-like team chat/communication.
NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2) icon NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2), PDF file scanner/OCR.
ONEKEY PDF Convert to Word icon ONEKEY PDF Convert to Word, PDF to Word converter.
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors icon ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, document, spreadsheet, and presentation office productivity suite.
PDF Compressor Pro icon PDF Compressor Pro, PDF file size compressor.
PDF Split and Merge basic/PDFSAM icon PDF Split and Merge basic/PDFSAM, PDF file manipulation.
PDF Shaper icon PDF Shaper, PDF file manipulation.
PDF-XChange Editor icon PDF-XChange Editor, PDF document editor/reader.
QOwnNotes icon QOwnNotes, text notepad with markdown support and todo list manager.
Rainlendar icon Rainlendar, task/event scheduler/calendar.
RapidTyping icon RapidTyping, keyboard typing skills tutor/trainer.
Rocket.Chat icon Rocket.Chat, a Slack-like team chat/communication.
Ryver icon Ryver, a Slack-like team chat/communication.
ResophNotes icon ResophNotes, note taking app. with Simplenote cloud support.
Todoist icon Todoist, to-do list and task manager.
VivPDF Editor icon VivPDF Editor, PDF documents WYSIWYG creation and editing.
WriteMonkey icon WriteMonkey, text editor and writing application.
WPS Office icon WPS Office, free productivity suite: word processor, spreadsheet, presentation.

Security category icon Security

Advanced IP Scanner icon Advanced IP Scanner, network scanner and analyzer.
Bitvise SSH Client icon Bitvise SSH Client, secure network connection utility.
CCE/Comodo Cleaning Essentials icon CCE/Comodo Cleaning Essentials, antivirus and anti-malware.
COVERT Pro icon COVERT Pro, anti spyware, data and privacy protection.
Fiddler icon Fiddler, proxy web debugging tool.
 discontinued  Network Scanner icon Network Scanner, IPv4/IPv6 network scanner.
OpenVPN icon OpenVPN, secure VPN connection.
Password Recovery Bundle Professional 2016 icon Password Recovery Bundle Professional 2016, password recovery/reset: Windows, files, online services.
VPN Gate SoftEther VPN Client icon VPN Gate SoftEther VPN Client, proxy manager.
Wireshark icon Wireshark, protocol analyzer.
Zemana AntiMalware icon Zemana AntiMalware, anti malware and anti ransomware protection.

Utilities category icon Utilities

7-Zip icon 7-Zip & 7-Zip Theme Manager, file compression/archiver.
Flash Player icon Adobe Flash Player, rich Internet application runtime.
Advanced Date Time Calculator icon Advanced Date Time Calculator, date time calculator.
Any Burn icon Any Burn, disc burner.
AOMEI PE Builder icon AOMEI PE Builder, WinPE-based bootable media builder.
Ashampoo Burning Studio icon Ashampoo Burning Studio, Blu-ray, DVD, CD, VCD, Super VCD disc burner.
Ashampoo Uninstaller icon Ashampoo Uninstaller, software uninstaller.
Ashampoo WinOptimizer icon Ashampoo WinOptimizer, system maintenance suite.
Auslogics Disk Defrag Free icon Auslogics Disk Defrag Free, disk defragmentation.
B1 Free Archiver icon B1 Free Archiver, .b1 file format compression/decompression.
Bandizip icon Bandizip, file compression/archiver.
Batch File Renamer icon Batch File Renamer, multiple files rename utility.
BatteryCare icon BatteryCare, laptop battery monitor.
Bulk Rename Utility/BRU icon Bulk Rename Utility/BRU, files and folders batch rename utility.
BurnAware icon BurnAware, disc burner.
CCleaner icon CCleaner, junk files/folders and registry cleaner.
CDBurnerXP icon CDBurnerXP, disc burner.
Clover icon Clover, multi-tab file explorer.
Data Crow icon Data Crow, media cataloger and organiser.
DeadLock icon DeadLock, files and folders unlocker, ownership modifier.
Disk Drill icon Disk Drill, data recovery from any storage device.
Do Your Data Recovery Pro icon Do Your Data Recovery Pro, data recovery.
DoYourData Super Eraser icon DoYourData Super Eraser, secure, permanent data eraser.
Driver Magician icon Driver Magician, device driver manager.
Easy 7-Zip & 7-Zip Theme Manager icon Easy 7-Zip & 7-Zip Theme Manager, file compression/archiver.
FileBox eXtender/FileBX icon FileBox eXtender/FileBX, favorite folders shortcut shell extension.
Far Manager icon Far Manager, Norton Commander-like file explorer.
Glary Utilities icon Glary Utilities, all-in-one computer maintenance utilities.
ImgBurn icon ImgBurn, disc burner.
 taken down  IObit Advanced SystemCare Free icon IObit Advanced SystemCare Free, computer maintenance suite.
Advanced SystemCare icon IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro, computer maintenance suite.
Driver Booster icon IObit Driver Booster Pro, device driver manager.
IObit Uninstaller icon IObit Uninstaller Pro, desktop and Modern apps. uninstaller.
ISO Workshop icon ISO Workshop, ISO image editor.
Launchy icon Launchy, keystroke launcher.
LessMSI icon LessMSI, MSI file viewer/extractor.
Magic Uneraser icon Magic Uneraser, data recovery from any storage device.
MiniTool® Power Data Recovery icon MiniTool® Power Data Recovery, file recovery.
NexusFile icon NexusFile, dual pane file manager.
NexusFont icon NexusFont, font manager.
oMega Commander icon oMega Commander, file manager.
One Commander icon One Commander, cascading file explorer.
PartitionGuru Pro icon PartitionGuru Pro, disk management, partition manager, backup and recovery.
RocketDock icon RocketDock, application docking and launcher.
SD Card Formatter icon SD Card Formatter, SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card formatter.
SlickRun icon SlickRun, floating command line.
Soft Organizer icon Soft Organizer, software installation snapshot and uninstallation manager.
Start Menu Reviver icon Start Menu Reviver, Windows Start menu.
Tablacus Explorer icon Tablacus Explorer, multi-tab Windows file explorer.
Tenorshare Card Data Recovery icon Tenorshare Card Data Recovery, memory card and other storage device data recovery.
True Burner icon True Burner, disc burner.
Ultimate Windows Tweaker icon Ultimate Windows Tweaker, Windows tweaking suite.
UniExtract icon UniExtract, universal file/installer/media extractor.
Unlocker icon Unlocker, unlocks files/folders.
WinDynamicDesktop icon WinDynamicDesktop, dynamic/live wallpaper.
WinLaunch icon WinLaunch, application launcher/launchpad.
XLaunchpad icon XLaunchpad, Mac-like application/program launcher.
XWidget icon XWidget, desktop gadget/widget customization tool.
XYplorer icon XYplorer, multi-tab file manager.