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FlipHTML5, Interactive HTML5 digital publishing platform for magazines, catalogs, and more
"It's really great to have all my books in the bookcase. But still I think that something needs to be done: (1) The covers are too small in the bookcase and are impossible to read on my catalogs. So is there a way to make the books larger in the bookcase? (2) If there is no way of making them bigger, can we just have an option to display the title of the book? I'm sorry but this is fairly useless if my customers can't tell what they are opening and are just pulling at strings to view what they want. Hope there is good news soon." —Grover J. Stanley (a user), (Mar 20 2015 06:38:30)
"I saw in the program itself that I can change the logo in the custom tool bar section, but that would have to be done for each book. Is there a way to exercise an overall change for all published books so I don't need to take pain in changing logo one by one? That would be a good feature and I think many other users would like it too." —Elizabeth Chavis (a user), (Mar 07 2015 11:33:51)
"Your software is good, a lot better than others by comparison. But I need to know if it can do the following things for me: (1) Is it possible for ... a viewer to copy an image from a digital flip book and copy it into an email? (2) Is there a functionality that allows users to send an entire page (i.e. images and text) through email, not just the hyperlink to the page?" —David Foster, (Mar 02 2015 11:52:35)
Contrary to the name, FlipHTML5 Flip Book Creator lets you create online interactive eBooks publication without any knowledge of HTML5.

Create from void or convert!

You can use the web app. right away by signing up a free account. But for more sophisticated editing like adding audio, animation, or video, you must use the free desktop client app.—available for Windows or Mac.
FlipHTML5 web app.
As you can see in the snapshot—you can click images on this page for a larger view—you can just convert all your existing PDF files in your collection to publish them online with this app. And once they're published they will always be available online...well, as long as is in business that is... :)

If you share it, they will come...

There are many sample publications in the web app. that will give you a lot of ideas on what you can do on this digital publishing platform.
Sample flip books
Internet users can access to your published eBooks from links you provide at your website, social media shares, email, or any way you want!

Profit from your ideas

It's nice to have the world pay for what you're good at, right? also gives you opportunities to reap from what you sow..., either by:
    • inserting your Google AdSense ID in the Design Settings,
    • slip your sponsor advertising banner complete with its URL link into your publication, or
    • just plain sell your self-published digital publications—on your FlipHTML5 store, your own website, or even Google Play.
Selling ideas by FlipHTML5 store... Yes, that means you can set up your online store on FlipHTML5, processing the transactions, and earn 'em in your Paypal account. You can even set up website with your own unique domain name on FlipHTML5.

Available on any devices near you...

Users—or your potential customers, to be exact—can consume your contents in any mobile devices they have.
They can read it on their smartphones, tablets, hybrids, or the good ol' desktops—as long as it can run any modern browser. That's the beauty of responsive HTML5 technology behind the platform.
Read anywhere... They can also read it offline, if they install the free Flip HTML5 Reader app.—currently only available on iOS, though....

The fine print...

The big but...—like we all love to call it—is that the free version has very limited features. It's watermarked. You can't use pictures—well you can still write that novel you've been plotting in your head for months.... You can't save/backup your work offline ("publish to local computer")..., among others:
What kind of publications?
How big can it go?

But I want it...! So what could I do?

Well, you're in luck there's FlipHTML5 3 Months Platinum Plan Giveaway until this April 12, 2017. You can try out the luxurious plan in 3 months.
So you can at least try out your online publishing start up within 3 months. And if you succeed then you can afford the ultimate Enterprise plan!
But like any buy you plan to do on the Web, don't forget to google for any discount coupon or even new giveaways first!
I tried to google for "flipHTML5 enterprise coupon code" and get from 20 to 80% deals on the Web!
Why don't you try to google this one yourself: "flipHTML5 enterprise giveaway". Better luck? I hope so :)[]

About the Publisher

FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is headquartered in China, with branch offices in HongKong China. FlipHTML5 products range from digital publishing tools to innovative and cost-effective items business software and PC utilities. Address: G/F, Far East Consortium Building, 23 Des Voeux Road, Central, HK.

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