Thursday, November 3, 2016

PhotoScissors Portable, Easily Remove Background from Photos!
"In practical application though, PhotoScissor’s algorithm is fine for simple objects like you’d use for eBay or Craiglist advertisements. A few swipes, click Process, and you’re mostly done. You’ll likely still have to do some fine tuning, but PhotoScissors is comparatively much faster than a manual Photoshop background removal." —Chris Holt, (Jul 14, 2014 5:00 AM)
PhotoScissors interactive cutout tool for foreground segmentation enables new smart ways of removing backgrounds from still images.
   Go to the Tutorials page and see for yourself how easy it is for anyone to do with just a few simple steps.
Size: 27.9 MB (29,351,936 bytes) Packed Size: 9.17 MB (9,617,408 bytes)
MD5: 63F2A3564F0FE49696D06CF1C78247F5

How to activate:
  1. Download your copy from
  2. Ekstrak the contents into a folder
  3. Install the portable app
  4. Run the portable app, minimize it
  5. Connect to the Internet
  6. Run Activate.exe to activate. If activation failed, exit the portable app, delete its Data folder and retry from step 4.
  7. After successful activation, close the portable app
  8. Activated!
  9. Check Data\settings\PhotoScissors.reg (open it with Notepad) and see if it has something like this:
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Teorex\PhotoScissors\Registration] "Serial"="[YOUR SERIAL NUMBER]"
  10. Copy PhotoScissors.reg and keep it somewhere safe. Next time you reinstall the portable app, copy it into the App\DefaultData\settings folder before first run.

  • This is a one-time only release and will not be updated in the future.

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