Sunday, February 26, 2017

Light Table Portable, a new kind of IDE!
"Light Table describes itself as “the next generation code editor”. It aims to provide a flexible interface, real-time evaluation, live visualization and documentation where you need it.’s an interesting project with a radical approach. It’s lightweight and fast on modest hardware but you’ll need to invest time learning how to use and configure the editor. Few of us have the patience but I suspect it could gain an underground Vim-like quasi-religious following." —Craig Buckler, (September 03, 2014)
"Even though the light table demo looks interesting at first glance, digging deep into it, some of the concepts presented as game changing like ‘documentation everywhere’ and ‘find function’ are already well implemented in other IDEs." —Prashant Deva, (April 22, 2012)
"The cool thing with Light Table is that it seems to use OpenGL for displaying code. to say… there is a small but visible delay like in many OpenGL apps." —JeGX, (2014/11/21)
Light Table is a next generation code editor that connects you to your creation with instant feedback. Light Table is very customizable and can display anything a Chromium browser can.

Size: 181 MB (190,455,808 bytes) Packed Size: 96.5 MB (101,208,064 bytes)
MD5: 1D9BA91B6A26057A1B8846B2D753065B


Offline documentation included.

Portability Notes

  • Light Table writes non essential data to Windows data folder while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

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