Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Inbox2 Portable, aggregates messages from email + social accounts!
"Inbox2 collects all messages, document attachments, links and contacts from your existing email and social network accounts and brings everything into one place. The app doesn’t merely import incoming streams for consumption, as it also allows you to reply, search and manage all those incoming communication streams without having to login to multiple accounts." —Robin Wauters, (Feb 23, 2010)
"Inbox2 also aggregates contacts across all your chosen accounts, which is convenient for reaching out to that person you know you know, somehow, but don't have time to hunt down." —Kevin Purdy, (2/24/10 5:30am)
"Impressive looking product. Your efforts shine through. Great work man." —mrschwabe, (2011)
Inbox2 is an email and social networking accounts message aggregator.

Size: 22.5 MB (23,670,784 bytes) Packed Size: 5.10 MB (5,349,376 bytes)
MD5: 8DCC40EBA5EDEA57EC1BE45F9728586D

Additional Notes:
  • A real beauty. Not usable except for email, but we really hope the development will eventually resume... :)

Fork it, fix it and send pull requests :)
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