Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WriteMonkey Portable, a Windows zenware* writing application!
"While WriteMonkey is not the first full-screen text editor to emerge in recent years, it is one of the best executed ones I have seen so far." —Erez Zukerman, (Nov 30, 2011 4:07 PM)
"An almost perfect tool for writers. Its interface is pared-back, but still packed with little touches that make it easier to commit your words to the page. ... If you're adept with keyboard shortcuts, the transition from the likes of Word to WriteMonkey will be easier,... you could make use of the solitary context menu which is accessed with a quick right-click." —Mark Wilson, (Aug 6, 2016)
"WriteMonkey hits all the right zenware buttons." —William, WilliamKing.Me (April 9, 2014)
Writemonkey is a Windows zenware* writing application with an extremely stripped down user interface, leaving you alone with your thoughts and your words. It is light, fast and free.
   WriteMonkey tries to replicate the typewriter experience in several fun ways.
   If you are working on a long-form project such as a book or a research paper, Writemonkey's new Jumps tool can come in handy. It puts a project management interface right into the editor.
   These days, much of our writing goes directly to the Web. WriteMonkey supports both Markdown and Textile, two writing systems that can translate into simple HTML.

Size: 31.0 MB (32,604,160 bytes) Packed Size: 9.13 MB (9,576,448 bytes)
MD5: E4BF53A4DC48654C5532228CC08596FB

Notes (included in the help.htm):
» Requires .NET Framework 4.0
» You need a donor key to run plugins!

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