Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tomahawk Portable, music is everywhere; now you don't have to be!
"...Tomahawk can play tracks from your Tomahawk friends’ computers, which makes Tomahawk a P2P streaming client with which you can listen to your friends’ collections, tap into your work computer’s music from your home computer, and so on." —Eliot van Buskirk, wired.com (02.22.12 2:09 PM)
"First of all, users need to understand that this is more of a cloud music player, meaning that you will have to choose the services that you plan to use from the options section. There are a lot of them, some more famous than others and you can select them all. A number of those, like Grooveshark for example, will need login credentials, but most don't require any kind of account." —Silviu Stahie, Softpedia.com (November 26th, 2014 15:58 GMT)
"One of the great things about the player is that you can use it even if you have no local songs provided that you have enabled a couple of plugins. ... It offers lots of features that set it apart from other players including aggregation of multiple services into a single application, cross-platform availability and social features." —Martin Brinkmann, ghacks.net (April 20, 2015)
Tomahawk is a new kind of music player that invites all your streams, downloads, cloud music storage, playlists, radio stations and friends to the same party. It's about time they all mingle.

Size: 116 MB (122,331,136 bytes) Packed Size: 33.4 MB (35,074,048 bytes)
MD5: 2D34F2B7E0C284B6ADAE02F42C7B4144
SHA-1: CB5E462D60B3963AE91B8501E5D851D7B848C6A2