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"If you're looking for a tool to keep all your writing, bookmarks, documents, and much more in one place, Evernote is a great tool to consider. Instead of jumping between apps, you can do it all in one place—and be sure you never forget anything." —Vicky Cassidy, (September 16, 2015)
"So, if you want to give Evernote another shot, try putting everything in it that you want to hang onto. The more you add, the more useful Evernote becomes. " —Whitson Gordon, (3/12/13 9:00am)
"You can bend Evernote to your will and use it for practically anything, from recording meetings to marking up PDFs to keeping a daily diary. Evernote remains an essential tool for the modern age, though the company has been criticized a bit for rolling out too many features without making sure existing ones work flawlessly. " — Jill Duffy, (November 06, 2015)
Evernote is a powerful note taking application that makes it easy to capture ideas, images, contacts, and anything else you need to remember.
   Bring your life's work together in one digital workspace—available on all major mobile platforms and devices.

Size: 314 MB (329,334,784 bytes) Packed Size: 86.5 MB (90,742,784 bytes)
SHA-256: C8590046CD590477544D229B63A250AE52C669533FE4EF5C00D4CEF69FA5B0A5

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Release Details

Developer: Evernote Corp. &
System Requirements: Windows 7 or later. Internet connection and you might need to sign up for a free account. Please read the help file.
Alternative: You might like to try QOwnNotes as a fully free alternative.
App License: Freeware (Personal and business use)—Evernote Legal Information
Source: Included in the package (.ini, .nsh files)

DIY/Do It Yourself: Upgrade to the Latest Release

Requirements 7-Zip, NPP/Notepad++ or other text editor, Launcher Generator/PAL, Installer/PAI.

  1. Get the latest portable app. template, and extract the content with 7-Zip.
  2. Get the latest Evernote release.
  3. Put it in the same folder as the extracted template, in our example C:\0TEST.
  4. Open the installer with 7-Zip: right-click on the installer file → Open archive → #, Open archive #
    Select 2.msi and extract it, Extract msi
    You can rename 2.msi to Evernote_6.15.4.7934, if you like :) Rename msi
  5. Extract the MSI installer by following this guide.
  6. Rename the extracted [ApplicationFolderName] folder to Evernote and move it to C:\0TEST\EvernotePortable\App folder, Rename and move to App, step 1
    Rename and move to App, step 2
    Rename and move to App, step 3
  7. Browse into App\Evernote folder and delete any files related to Evernote Clipper:
    • all the *.reg files, eg. EvernoteCC_install.reg, EvernoteIE_install.reg, EvernoteOLRD_install.reg, etc.
    • EvernoteCCx32.dll, EvernoteCCx64.dll,
    • EvernoteClipper.exe,
    • EvernoteIE.1.dll, EvernoteIE.dll, EvernoteIEx64.dll
    • EvernoteOLRDClipper.dll, EvernoteOLRDClipper.dll.config
    • EvernoteOLShim.dll, EvernoteOLShim64.dll
    Delete Evernote Clipper files
  8. Browse to EvernotePortable\App\AppInfo and open appinfo.ini file with NPP. Replace the [Version] section with the latest version number. Make sure the PackageVersion entry is in 4 place digit, eg.,
     DisplayVersion= (32/64 bit)
  9. Run PAL, paste the template folder address C:\0TEST\EvernotePortable, and click Go—a new launcher will be created, Create new launcher
  10. Test the new launchers by following this guide.
  11. When all is OK, then delete the EvernotePortable\Data folder and run PAI, paste the package folder address C:\0TEST\EvernotePortable, and click Go—to create the installer package. Create installer
  12. Use the installer package to upgrade your portable application. Don't forget to at least backup your Data folder before any upgrade :)
  13. If you find any changes that's not handled by the launcher, consult the PAL help file to modify the launcher yourself or ask for our paid upgrade support.

Portability Notes

  • Evernote do not have portable mode. It stores its settings in Windows registry and writes non essential to Windows data folders while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.
  • You can help by sending request to the official developer to add "portable mode" to their future release.

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