Sunday, July 17, 2016

CDisplay Ex Portable, the most popular comic book reader!
"This is the best comic viewer for my needs, it's a no BS, generally speedy, easily customizable program. My one gripe is that it has trouble with ultra high resolution, high quality color images. ... The best alternative I've used for those types of files is actually SumatraPDF. It's generally slower overall, but much faster with regards to high resolution color images." —burtreynolds (a user), (Feb 2015)
CDisplay Ex is a light, efficient and Free CBR Reader to read all comic book formats (.cbr file, .cbz, .pdf, etc..) and Manga.

Size: 15.1 MB (15,937,536 bytes) Packed Size: 5.52 MB (5,791,744 bytes)
MD5: 9E06D096A0007EECDB57759C9A62B699

Size: 14.5 MB (15,286,272 bytes) Packed Size: 4.23 MB (4,444,160 bytes)
MD5: B80C36FFF14F82AD1EE407DDD4C05A73
SHA-1: DF8FEF7BB833CF4B10E57F2E6C84594D3F52989D