Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trillian Portable, the free multiple social networks and instant messaging services manager!
"Our friends used to be scattered across all these IM platforms and there used to be an era where you’ll have to literally log into multiple apps to chat with your friends from various networks. ... You should definitely give this legendary IM client a try, if you haven’t already!" —Justin Stravarius, (May 28th 2013)
"...Other IM apps may surpass Trillian Astra in certain areas, but no other service offers Trillian's breadth of functionality." —Editor,
"it keeps sending repeat messages. it interrupts what you're doing by popping up several times with messages that were received hours before. it will pop up with the same message 17 times or more!" —a user, (December 31, 2015)
Trillian is a multiple instant messaging and social networking sites manager.

Size: 37.6 MB (39,497,728 bytes) Packed Size: 11.6 MB (12,210,176 bytes)
MD5: 31E71AC1C063C746C6131FF88755C749
SHA-1: BB534759C87579634E564FB92E0436631B9C0245

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