Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DuckieTV Portable, the TV-Show calendar you’ve been waiting for!
"The TV calendar can be quite useful on its own, as it provides you with a simple interface that helps you keep track of your favorite TV shows. As far as the torrent downloading is concerned, it is clear that this is not legal in all countries. While there are countries where the downloading (but not the streaming) of torrents is legal, there are others were both activities are not permitted by law." —Martin Brinkmann, ghacks.net (September 2, 2014)
DuckieTV is a TV show tracker with personalized calendar that tracks the shows you like and can search on multiple torrent sites so gives you full control over what you download and how.

Size: 286 MB (300,138,496 bytes) Packed Size: 76.8 MB (80,613,376 bytes)
MD5: E010B6AA8C1B2B995FE97802EE0CFFFF

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Internet connection.

Upgrading DuckieTV — please read this first :)

  • Backup your database from inside the DuckieTV app.: Settings → Backup.
  • Save the backup file somewhere safe—not inside the Data folder.
  • Upgrade the portable app.
  • Run it, and import your saved database into the new version.

Our Takes

This app. is one of the reason we really <3 love open source software! Beautiful, yet sophisticated.


Thanks to @SchizoDuckie for tip on how to portablize NW.js-based apps.

Portability Notes

  • DuckieTV writes non essential data to Windows registry and data folders while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

About the Publisher

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