Saturday, July 23, 2016

CuteTorrent Portable, full-featured BitTorrent client wit respositive user interface!
"We can't find what is 'respositive' UI means on the Web. But as a no-ads uTorrent alternative, this one is very different and interesting to keep as uTorrent sidekick." —
CuteTorrent is a lightweight BitTorrent client with a simple, intuitive interface designed to quickly download and share torrent files.
   At the heart of it's core resides the powerful libtorrent BitTorrent library.
   CuteTorrent comes with some interesting features such as Proxy support, Global and per-torrent speed limits, IPv6 support, the ability to mount Disk Images to DaemonTools, and a convenient and easy-to-use web interface that lets you manage your downloads remotely.

Size: 33.5 MB (35,225,600 bytes) Packed Size: 10.7 MB (11,272,192 bytes)
MD5: 51AAAF26A688ECE4DE487C735E7D3A26
SHA-1: E9EADC1A44C7F1E66B5C05653C713C69192A1AF0