Thursday, June 30, 2016

ManyDownloader Portable, torrent and FTP client, Youtube to mp3, cloud server!
"...ManyDownloader used to be called TorrentDownloader. ... The Free edition has the following functionality to offer: torrent client, FTP client, video downloader, private clouds. The Pro edition has all these features and a few more: secure cloud, unlimited premium support, no third party offers, cloud chat." —George Norman, (24 Aug, 2014)
ManyDownloader is an all-in-one solution with a Torrent client, Media Downloader, FTP & Cloud Server, making file transfer & management a breeze!
   Download & share torrent files, enjoy your favourite YouTube Facebook, Twitter, Vevo and dailymotion videos or groove to Soundcloud.
   Even transfer files easily & privately from within the application itself to anyone around the world, using your own private cloud.

Size: 56.0 MB (58,781,696 bytes) Packed Size: 16.7 MB (17,596,416 bytes)
MD5: A5BC43B75518CB4FA5AE80D7FB348E7F
SHA-1: 0B9EDD366D2B9CBEAD8495A258EB3BFA786009DB

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

MP3 Quality Modifier Portable, reduce your music file size!
"Please note that while MP3 Quality Modifier can increase the bit rate of files, there's no point to the operation. You can't add back audio information that was lost during the initial compression by increasing a file's bit rate. You just get a larger file that sounds the same, or possibly worse." —Jon L. Jacobi, (Sep 25, 2009 12:00 AM)
"This bloody software reduced most of my 1000s of rupees worth audio files (around 3000 files) to around 45 kbps bitrate from 128 kpbs even though I had set option 110 kbps to 150 kbps VBR and that is not all...This ******* S/W has cut many songs of 3+, 4+, and 5+ minute songs to around 1 minute! DO NOT USE THIS S/W!" —vijay1700 (a user), (July 02, 2015)
"MP3 Quality Modifier uses a very low amount of system resources (which is barely noticeable), quickly finishes a conversion job and includes a brief step-by-step guide for novices. We haven't encountered any issues during our tests and highly recommend MP3 Quality Modifier to all users." —Elena Opris,
MP3 Quality Modifier is a straightforward program that is able to easily change the quality of your MP3's in order to save disk space and/or to fit more music on your MP3 player while maintaining the desired level of audio quality and keeping all ID3 tags intact!

Size: 1.51 MB (1,585,152 bytes) Packed Size: 1.14 MB (1,204,224 bytes)
MD5: EDBDE2E4A2880F2C64B06D7E94D59F71
SHA-1: E060206EE59AA0672E0C47E99A3E02C2FF706B33

Monday, June 27, 2016

KVIrc Portable, the Visual IRC Client!
"For people who spend much of their lives in IRC, KVirc might well be the tool of choice. It's visually striking, feature-rich, and users can script their own bots directly within the client. ..., however, KVirc is an overly heavy tool, wanting the full screen and ongoing attention. " —corbet, (January 16, 2007)
"KVIrc features a familiar interface that is easy to use and allows you to organize the windows in order to view multiple channels at the same time. The documentation included in the package is designed to help the beginners use the application and get acquainted with the scripting language." —Sorin Cirneala, (March 11th, 2013)
"Great free IRC client! Maybe confusing to use for people new to IRC." —mrninjamonk, (December 17, 2011)
KVIrc is a free portable IRC client based on the excellent Qt GUI toolkit.

Size: 135 MB (142,254,080 bytes) Packed Size: 32.6 MB (34,271,232 bytes)
MD5: 2A9772C737EF15BCEBAE811F00E66AE3
SHA-1: 2B3F7D2C6E826AD029B1B784F46CAFA32233411B

Size: 152 MB (159,981,568 bytes) Packed Size: 37.0 MB (38,850,560 bytes)
MD5: D4FE3BE10CDF05C1209B3212B5ECFD2A
SHA-1: 1BD0BB3773C67907C9EDA9D35440F6F37F046DA7

Sunday, June 26, 2016

TFileInfo Portable, a simple and fast program to display information about media files!
"If you don't like the clunky official MediaInfo UI, then this one is a catch! It's even more beautiful than Mulder's MediaInfoXP :)" —
TFileInfo is a simple and fast program to display information about media files.

Size: 10.3 MB (10,887,168 bytes) Packed Size: 3.34 MB (3,510,272 bytes)
MD5: 98E18E898C776B72F0FFFEFF300B744E
SHA-1: 8080328E27842934789F5721607F08EB66293E03

Notes (included in the help.htm):
» Please read how to use this portable app. in the help.htm...[]

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trillian Portable, the free multiple social networks and instant messaging services manager!
"Our friends used to be scattered across all these IM platforms and there used to be an era where you’ll have to literally log into multiple apps to chat with your friends from various networks. ... You should definitely give this legendary IM client a try, if you haven’t already!" —Justin Stravarius, (May 28th 2013)
"...Other IM apps may surpass Trillian Astra in certain areas, but no other service offers Trillian's breadth of functionality." —Editor,
"it keeps sending repeat messages. it interrupts what you're doing by popping up several times with messages that were received hours before. it will pop up with the same message 17 times or more!" —a user, (December 31, 2015)
Trillian is a multiple instant messaging and social networking sites manager.

Size: 37.6 MB (39,497,728 bytes) Packed Size: 11.6 MB (12,210,176 bytes)
MD5: 31E71AC1C063C746C6131FF88755C749
SHA-1: BB534759C87579634E564FB92E0436631B9C0245

Notes (included in the help.htm):
» You must sign up for a free account to use this app.[]