Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Muhaddith Portable, English and Arabic Islamic References!
"Transferring as much as possible of the main Islamic references to the electronic media and facilitating their browsing and searching on that media, as a 'running charity' (sadaqah jaariyah), based on the authentic Hadeeth, 'Whoever establishes a good way (sunnah), will have its reward, as well as the reward of whoever follows it until the Day of Judgment.'" —Al Muhaddith Project
Muhaddith is an Islamic electronic references that includes Quran, Hadith, Sayings, Fiqh, Beliefs, Morals, Lexicons, and Usool books. Most are Arabic, some are in English.

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(non portable)

Size: 439 MB (460,439,552 bytes) Packed Size: 180 MB (188,964,864 bytes)
MD5: EE7494F73D62B17D941FEA16DB181F1F
SHA-1: 22245318CFEEA2D77BAFB75B80E3625FE2F7CD43

Notes (included in the help.htm):
» Requires Administrator privilege.

Side Notes:
» Requires Windows' Arabic Language Pack.
» This is the old, free version not the latest version.[]