Saturday, February 13, 2016

NexusFont Portable, best font manager for Windows!
"I was pleasantly surprised at NexusFont from Xiles (Noh JungHoon). This is an application that is actively maintained and has a relatively simple interface so it is a great option for the future." —Jojo Yee, (5th March, 2015)
NexusFont is a simple, pleasantly-looking font manager. It can install/uninstall fonts, and can also view non-installed fonts.

Size: 4.72 MB (4,956,160 bytes) Packed Size: 2.77 MB (2,908,160 bytes)
MD5: 1FE7CE74736384220CC459C0C5EB3443
SHA-1: BB3794D6622564A404E91707587D265301B5258A

Side Notes:
» Rev 2: Improve launcher, add PDF manuals.[]