Tuesday, December 4, 2018

List of Clean, Official Portable Applications
We at ~thumbapps~ don't just make portable version of any freeware or free & open source software/FOSS. There are usually some criteria to start a portable work:
  1. It's not available at PortableApps.com/PA.c.
  2. It's available at PA.c, but not as full-standalone-offline package—but online installer which would requires Internet connection. Most people don't have that kind of easy and relatively cheap access to Internet—especially in most of developing and usually corrupt... :) countries around the world. These people—including us—prefer to download anything via resumeable and accelerated downloader like FDM/Free Download Manager or uTorrent, for example. Online installer usually just way too slow and unresumeable :(—yes, Internet connection in our countries sometimes just disconnected for no apparent reasons.
  3. It's available at PA.c, but we think we can add some value to our version, for example our Opera portable browser—stable, beta, and developer editions—can be updated to the next build from within the portable app.
  4. The publisher provides portable version, but some features missing. Like for example Bandizip portable, the official version only in 32-bit and the context menu—which is essential for most users—is disabled.
  5. The publisher provides portable version, but it's still unclean. It still writes some settings to the registry and/or Windows data folders.
But along the way, we found some official portable versions that are actually clean and we can ~just run it~ without much additional portablization. And this blog article is written for this purpose.
   As of Nov, 2017 we have listed almost 70 clean official apps and almost 300 of portable apps release, so you have almost 400 portable applications available for you just from thumbapps.org!
   Here's the list by category, we'll add more as our portablization journey continues, only if God wills!

Dec 4, 2018Added CPU-Z
Nov 20, 2017Added BurnCDCC, Immersive Explorer, Kaseto, QuranCode
Nov 8, 2017Added DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery), VisualWget
Nov 4, 2017Added Privacy Eraser
Jul 19, 2017Added SQLiteSpy
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Accessibility category icon Accessibility

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access), a free screen reader which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. It is handy to use with Adobe Digital Editions portable.

Development category icon Development

Bat to Exe Converter,* converts batch-script files to executable files.
HxD, Hex and disk editor.
Notepad++, a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free lunch") source code editor and Notepad replacement.
Regshot, a small, free and open-source registry snapshot compare utility.
ResEdit, resource editor.
Resource Hacker, view, modify, add, rename and delete resources in Win32 executables and resource.
SQLiteSpy icon SQLiteSpy, a compact GUI database manager for SQLite.

Education category icon Education

QTranslate, multiple online translator engine.
QuranCode icon QuranCode, a Qur'an numerical and similarity research tool.
Zekr, an Open Source Qur'an study project.

Games category icon Games

~not yet

Graphics and Pictures category icon Graphics and Pictures

GifCam, easy and fun animated gif making app.
Greenshot,* screenshot/screen capture.
NexusImage, image viewer.
PhotoFiltre, image editor.
XMind, mind mapping schema editor.

Internet category icon Internet

Cyberfox, 32/64-bit Firefox browser variant.
HexChat, IRC client.
Pale Moon, 32/64-bit Firefox browser variant with classic user interface.
RSS Guard, RSS/Atom newsreader.
VisualWget icon VisualWget, Wget for Windows download manager GUI.
Whatsie, WhatsApp for Desktop.

Music and Video category icon Music and Video

Kaseto icon Kaseto, bare down simple audio player (.NET 4.5).
LameXP, audio encoder front-end.
MediaInfoXP, unified display of tag data for video and audio files.
MKVcleaver,* MKV files batch extraction.
MKVToolNix, Matroska/MKV video container format utilities.
MusicBee, music collections manager.
Pazera Video Converters Suite/Free Audio Video Pack, collection of portable multimedia converters.
SubRip, DVD subtitles ripper.
SubtitleEdit, free open source subtitle editor.
TagScanner, audio file tag editor.
TAudioConverter, CD ripper, audio converter and extractor.
VideoSubFinder, hardsub/hard subtitles OCR and ripper.
Volume², advanced Windows volume control.
VSRip, VobSub subtitles ripper.
XMedia Recode, audio and video converter.

Office category icon Office

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2), scans documents to PDF and other file types.
PDF-XChange Viewer, PDF reader.
PDFSAM/PDF Split and Merge, basic PDF split and merge.
SoftMaker FreeOffice,* free word processor (TextMaker), spreadsheet (PlanMaker), and presentation (Presentations) suite. Don't forget to get your free serial number first.
STDU Viewer, Viewer/reader supporting TIFF/Tagged Image File, DjVu, PDF/Portable Document Format, Fiction Book, Open XML Paper Specification, Comic Book Archive file, Text, PalmDoc, MOBI/AZW documents, EPub documents formats.
SumatraPDF, reader supporting CHM, Comic Book, DjVu, EPUB, Fiction Book, Mobi, PalmDoc, PDF, XPS formats.

Security category icon Security

KeePass, a free, open source password manager.
WiFi Guard, keep your Wi-Fi network secure.
Ultrasurf icon Ultrasurf, anti-censorship, pro-privacy software.

Utilities category icon Utilities

BleachBit, frees disk space and tirelessly guards your privacy.
BurnCDCC icon BurnCDCC, CD/DVD/BD ISO burner.
CCleaner CCleaner, registry and junk files cleaner.
CloneApp, Windows app settings backup.
CPU-Z icon CPU-Z, Processor, mainboard, chipset, memory system information.
Cubic Explorer, multi-tab Windows file manager.
Defraggler, hard disk defragmenter.
DiskXS, virtual floppy disk.
DMDE/DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery icon DMDE/DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery,* data searching, editing, and recovery.
Everything, find files and folders instantly.
FileMenu Tools, customize Windows Explorer context menu.
FixWin, repair problems and issues with a click.
FreeFileSync, synchronize files and folders, backup software (the installer has portable installation option).
Immersive Explorer icon Immersive Explorer, Modern UI file explorer (.NET 4.5).
MultiHasher,* a freeware file hash calculator (make sure to create a file named User Preferences.json in the application main folder).
NTLite, Windows ISO slipstreamer.
Open Hardware Monitor, hardware sensors monitor.
Privacy Eraser icon Privacy Eraser, browsing history deletion, PC optimization and cleanup.
Q-Dir, a good file manager with an amazing Quadro-view technique.
Rainmeter,* desktop customization tool.
Securable, checks 64-bit readiness and security features.
TTclock, transparent digital desktop clock + alarm clock, timer, stopwatch.
UltraFileSearchLite, quickly find Files, Folders and Text on your Local, Network, DVD, CD-ROM, USB Hard or Flash Drives.
Universal USB Installer, Live Linux USB Creator.
UsbTreeView, shows the USB device tree.
Windows App Boss, Windows Store Apps/Modern Apps uninstaller.
WinSplit, multiple screen/splitter.
YUMI, multiboot USB creator.

*Creates %appdata%\Microsoft\HTML Help folder if user opens the help file, but otherwise clean.


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