Monday, November 20, 2017

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software Classic/Studio) Portable, free, open source software for live streaming and recording!
"Video streaming apps are often expensive, not very good, or both expensive and not very good. Enter Open Broadcaster Software, a free, open-source solution which is super lightweight, includes many of the same options as software you can buy, and so far works beautifully for streaming games on" —Tyler Wilde, (Dec 4, 2012)
"Overall I've been very happy with OBS. The product works just like you'd expect, has pretty decent documentation (something that you usually do NOT see with open source projects) and has allowed me to do all of the things that I couldn't do with CamStudio, while retaining almost all of things that CamStudio could do." —Logan, (May 2013)
"It's great for recording video from games." —Andrei David,
Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

Size: 380 MB (399,413,248 bytes) Packed Size: 97.3 MB (102,084,608 bytes)
MD5: 7F4CFC2221BBE4FC72EE2D35798DF26D

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OBS Classic  OBS Classic — Legacy Release

Size: 337 MB (354,136,064 bytes) Packed Size: 88.0 MB (92,327,936 bytes)
MD5: BBE88F0A8B7F4F56B0AD7C9C6E85B6F8

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Portability Notes

  • OBS is 100% portable.

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