Saturday, July 11, 2015

Game Booster Portable, boost you games performance!
"Game Booster is free software that looks for and turns off processes your PC doesn't need, to make it a faster gaming box." —Ian Harac, (09/06/09)
"We should also note that such tools may often offer features that can be useful to even more knowledgeable users. For example, Razer Game Booster offers a FRAPS-like Screen Capture feature for recording your screen. However, Game Mode itself doesn’t seem very useful." —
"Nice little program. Efficient for what it does. Shuts off my music, wish it had a setting where I could exempt certain programs. Makes my games run smoother though, and that's what matters..." —Crystalsiren (a user), (September 30, 2012)
Game Booster, is freeware designed to speed up your PC for faster, smoother, more responsive game performance in the latest PC games.

Size: 14.9 MB (15,675,392 bytes) Packed Size: 3.71 MB (3,891,200 bytes)
MD5: 70DF351CED05579F207BD3DA6D2626CD
SHA-1: 7CD62BB75EA6F9C7ABD334153B548B54BFFE8F86

Notes (included in the help.htm):
» Requires administrator privilege.[]