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Opera Portable, opens up the web to the world!
"Surprisingly, Opera [version 22] performed the best in the Octane 2.0 test, which measures how your browser will preform under the stress of games or highly interactive webpages." —Brandon Widder, (November 25, 2014)
"Off-Road mode [previously called Turbo Mode] speeds up slow connections and reduces bandwidth." —Michael Muchmore, (date)
"One step away from MALWARE" —tuliphead (a user), (March 20, 2015)
There are three variants of the Opera browser. Each will run in parallel and can be installed side-by-side.

Opera Portable, my way to go online! Opera

Opera is the product recommended for everyone, brings you more speed and privacy.

Opera Beta Portable, my way to go online! Opera Beta

Preview the features planned for release in Opera browser, right as Opera are working on the final touches.

Opera Developer Portable, my way to go online! Opera Developer

Join Opera on the earliest experiments. Recommended for developers and advanced users.

Size: 182 MB (191,184,896 bytes) Packed Size: 59.4 MB (62,386,176 bytes)
MD5: D3CE39538471B4DF80F067E512B9378B

Size: 186 MB (195,289,088 bytes) Packed Size: 59.7 MB (62,636,032 bytes)
MD5: 87E61E8EE91556FEFCBBD70C3F70E081

Size: 198 MB (207,765,504 bytes) Packed Size: 64.2 MB (67,411,968 bytes)
MD5: 5245F9068936C52B71B199FFA6A36C0C

More releases... More releases...

Auto update feature

  • Please read the help on how to use Opera auto update feature.
  • If auto update doesn't work:
    1. Close Opera and try copy installation_status.json and installer_prefs.json from App\DefaultData to Data folder.
    2. If still doesn't work, close Opera, backup the Data folder then delete it.
    3. Run and update Opera.
    4. Close Opera, and copy back (overwrite) Data\profile folder from the backup into the updated Opera's Data folder.

Maintenance release

  • We won't release Opera each time they're updated.
  • We'll only do periodic maintenance release to make sure the auto update feature still work.
  • Flash player is included, or get the latest update.

Release History

  • 49.0.2725.64: External download manager integration enabled, see help on how to use it. Stable based on Chromium 62.0.3202.94, Beta on 63.0.3239.70, Dev. on 64.0.3278.0.
  • 47.0.2631.71: Fix Opera Beta auto update feature.
  • 47.0.2631.55: Revise auto update feature, Opera change installation log format from .xml to .json. Opera stable now based on Chromium 60.0.3112.78. Please update to this latest release.
  • 45.0.2552.812: Stable version based on Chromium 58.0.3029.81, Beta on 58.0.3029.81, Developer on 59.0.3067.6. New looks and lots of new features, we recommend to upgrade to this release eventhough there are no changes to the portable app. launcher.

Portability Notes

  • Opera writes non essential data to Windows registry while running.
  • Flash player and/or other NPAPI plugins (Java, Silverlight) writes to Windows registry and data folders while running.
  • IE Tab addon—if installed—writes to Windows registry and data folders while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

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