Monday, May 2, 2016

BitTorrent Maelstrom Portable, Delivering the World’s Content!
"BitTorrent believes the Maelstrom technology could appeal to entertainment artists and publishers as a way to efficiently distribute their content. Getting fans to do the work of distributing bulky data such as music or video files... The Maelstrom browser might also provide a way to keep vital online information flowing in an emergency, get scalability from your growing traffic." —Tom Simonite, MIT Technology Review/ (January 28, 2015)
"The idea behind Maelstrom is simple: if the web relied on BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing technology, accessing web content could become much faster and more reliable than it is today." — Ian Paul, (Apr 10, 2015 10:00 AM)
"The browser shows promise, or at least the technology underneath it. It could potentially result in reduced server costs, and keep websites alive even if the main host goes down. ... Should this gain some serious traction, it wouldn’t be surprising to see companies like Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and others integrate the P2P protocol into their own browsers." —Fahad Al-Riyami, (Monday, Apr 13th, 2015 at 12:31PM)
BitTorrent Maelstrom is a Chromium-based browser that can function as a regular browser that accesses sites over standard HTTP/HTTPS protocols. The program also contains the ability to grab websites packaged as torrents and display them.
  BitTorrent also released the first developer tools that make it easier for publishers and developers to create torrent-packaged content for the Maelstrom browser.

Size: 174 MB (183,025,664 bytes) Packed Size: 51.8 MB (54,386,688 bytes)
MD5: 9702BBE73B0237CEB0F0ADA71BEBD6F5
SHA-1: 3584FD2CDBE0480D2929FBC2B307B3A3131000EA

Notes (included in the help.htm):
» You can get newer Flash player portable build at PCR’s notepad blog. Rename the pepflashplayer32/64_[version].dll to pepflashplayer.dll and put it in the App\Maelstrom\plugins folder.
» Java/JRE portable (32/64-bit) are available from
» Silverlight portable (32/64-bit) are available on our ThumbApps blog.
» Please read the help.htm...

Side notes:
» We manage to make all NPAPI plugins (Flash, Java, Silverlight) work...! The PPAPI/pepperflash plugin too, in this revision ;)[]