Saturday, April 25, 2015

jDownloader Portable, Simplifies downloads from One-Click-Hosters!
"Best downloader humanity ever created for itself." —shashank_tulsyan (a user), (December 02, 2013)
"A useful application that simplifies the process of downloading files from One-Click-Hosters not only for users with a premium account but also for users who don't pay." —Giorgiana Arghire, (July 9th, 2014)
"The installation experience, which is horrible by default...the "quick" installation hijacks the browser homepage, new tab page, and default search engines,...Once you're in JDownloader, you have one of the world's most sophisticated download managers at your disposal." —Erez Zukerman, (Jan 25, 2012 2:36 PM)
JDownloader is your personal internet robot that does all the work for you. It will download whole photo albums, playlists or just about anything else with just one click.
» No wait times: JDownloader can reconnect your router in order to skip those painful waiting times some sites have.
» Automatic Captcha Recognition.
» Copy MULTIPLE links and JDownloader will automatically download all of them for you as fast as possible, without you having to return to your computer.
» Automatically save files with certain filenames to certain preconfigured folders.
» Click'n'Load: One Click, and all the files you need automatically start downloading.
» No need to copy lots of links or click on each one individually-just Click'n'Load.
» Auto-Extraction: Ever wanted to start watching a movie, but first had to wait until it was extracted? JD automatically extracts those files and saves your passwords, too. Thousand Supported Sites.

Size: 62 206 788 Packed Size: 26 274 989

JDL2Portable_2.0_Beta_32_64_bit.paf (online installer)
Size: 3 936 638 Packed Size: 3 149 718

Notes (included in the help.htm):
» JDownloader requires Java Runtime Enviroment (jre/jdk) 1.5 or higher. If possible, you should use the latest Java version.
» Download Java and Java64 portables from
» Use folder arrangement like for eg. ... (more in help.htm...).[]

Saturday, April 11, 2015

VPN Gate SoftEther VPN Client Portable, Free VPN Client!
"It was really easy to get up and running. Just download and hit connect. Choose the connection (country) you want and it connects. To go back to your ISP just hit disconnect." —sbd8828 (a user), (November 17, 2014)
"Will hand over IP and connection details to authorities if requested." —Douglas Crawford,
"I too was surprised they claim to have support for nine times the throughput of OpenVPN. That alone sounds like BS. And the fact that the source code is four times as large is absolutely *NOT* a selling point." —OmniNegro, (April 2014)
VPN Gate Academic Experiment Project is an online service as an academic research at Graduate School of University of Tsukuba, Japan. The purpose of this research is to expand the knowledge of "Global Distributed Public VPN Relay Servers" .

Size: 89 882 995 Packed Size: 35 403 759

Notes  (included in the help.htm):
» Main app. launcher SoftEther VPN Client Manager Portable (SoftEtherVPNPortable.exe) requires Administrator privilege.
» Run other utilities only while SoftEther VPN Client Manager Portable (SoftEtherVPNPortable.exe) is running.
» and more....[]