Sunday, January 10, 2016

WaKan (Development Edition) Portable, Japanese and Chinese learning tool with dictionary!
"Despite these problems, WaKan can be a useful tool for anyone learning Chinese (or Japanese) characters." —Qiu Gui Su (Mandarin Language Expert),
WaKan is a freeware tool to assist in learning the Japanese and Chinese languages. It contains a character dictionary, a word dictionary, a vocabulary manager, a translation tool, a simple text editor and many other helpful functions, including the printing of flashcards.
   For more information about the project, please visit the WaKan Project Website.

Size: 269 MB (282,927,104 bytes) Packed Size: 66.9 MB (70,246,400 bytes)
MD5: 93B760FAED15B4C3EC6C4B36A4B084F1
SHA-1: 218BCFB1529D61C3B520228B83A036C7035ECC36

Notes (included in the help.htm):
» We added these dictionaries: