Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Bitvise SSH Client Portable, Free* SSH file transfer, terminal and tunneling!
"Bitvise SSH Client can truly accommodate your needs of working in a secure medium with a wide array of tools at your disposal" — Alexandru Pintilie, (February 17th, 2015)
"Really Good Alternative to Putty!" —harveyV (a user), (Apr 2013)
Speedy SSH client wrapped in a GUI, featuring an integrated FTP-to-SFTP bridge and support for TCP/IP tunneling, restarted transfers, directory listing, and more.

Size: 133 MB (140,271,616 bytes) Packed Size: 22.0 MB (23,171,072 bytes)
MD5: EFFE1058705BD8950C30B07394A49159

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Release Notes

Free version limitations: Bitvise SSH Client is free for individual use, as well as for limited use inside organizations.
User manual included.

DIY/Do It Yourself: Upgrade to the Latest Release

Requirements 7-Zip, NPP/Notepad++ or other text editor, Launcher Generator/PAL, Installer/PAI, VMware Player.

  1. Get the latest portable app. template, and extract the content with 7-Zip.
  2. Get the latest BitviseSSH client release.
  3. Install it in VMware with at least Windows 7 64 bit and get its binaries.
  4. Move the binaries to BitviseSSHClientPortable\App\BitviseSSHClient folder, Move from VMware
  5. Extract the FlowSshNet32.msi and FlowSshNet64.msi by following this guide.
  6. Browse to the extracted FlowSshNet32\Win\System folder, move its contents to App\BitviseSSHClient\32-bit folder.
  7. Browse to FlowSshNet32\Bitvise FlowSshNet folder, move FlowSshNetSamples folder also to App\BitviseSSHClient\32-bit folder, FlowSshNet32
  8. Do do same thing with the extracted FlowSshNet64.msi but to App\BitviseSSHClient\64-bit folder, FlowSshNet64
  9. Browse to App\BitviseSSHClient folder and delete: FlowSshNet32.msi, FlowSshNet64.msi, and uninst.exe, Delete files
  10. Browse to BitviseSSHClientPortable\App\AppInfo and open appinfo.ini file with NPP. Replace the [Version] section with the latest version number. Make sure the PackageVersion entry is in 4 place digit, eg. not just 7.39.0 nor 7.39,
  11. Run PAL, paste the template folder address C:\0TEST\BitviseSSHClientPortable, and click Go—a new launcher will be created, Create new launcher
  12. Test the new launchers by following this guide.
  13. When all is OK, then delete the BitviseSSHClientPortable\Data folder and run PAI, paste the package folder address C:\0TEST\BitviseSSHClientPortable, and click Go—to create the installer package. Create installer
  14. Use the installer package to upgrade your portable application. Don't forget to at least backup your Data folder before any upgrade :)
  15. If you find any changes that's not handled by the launcher, consult the PAL help file to modify the launcher yourself or ask for our paid upgrade support.

Portability Notes

Bitvise SSH Client is 100% portable.

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