Friday, April 22, 2016

Shollu Portable
"All in all, this software solution proved to be very efficient, easy to use and it puts up a good performance, so it certainly deserves a spot among the best applications in its category." —Olivian Puha, Softpedia (July 10th, 2014)
Shollu is a handy application that was especially designed to provide a compact reminder for Muslim people so they can get ready for their prayers.
   This application is especially tailored for Muslim people who can thus stay informed about the upcoming prayer time. The program even displays on the desktop a small window with the remaining time until the event starts.
   The software comes with an impressive city database which enables anyone to easily find and pick the location. Also, once can input the coordinates manually in case the place they're looking for does not appear on the list.

Size: 4.24 MB (4,452,352 bytes) Packed Size: 3.60 MB (3,780,608 bytes)

Notes (included in the help.htm):
» Requires administrator privilege.
» More in the help.htm...[]