Thursday, July 20, 2017

Discord Portable, all-in-one voice and text chat!
"The voice quality is crisper and clearer thanks to a more modern voice engine than what’s used by the now decade-and-a-half-old choices like TeamSpeak and Ventrilo..." —Tom Marks, (May 13, 2016)
"Discord positions itself as a way to replace your programs such as Skype, TeamSpeak, Mumble, Ventrillo, etc..." —Aikage, (Sep 19, 2015)
"Tl;dr Discord seems to be great (feature whise), but there are some really big issue with fundamental stuff like audio quality and latency. In the end i hope Discord will succeed because it's really above its opponent feature wise." —Mrpoussin (a user), (Dec 26, 2015)
Discord is a modern free group voice & text chat app.

Size: 120 MB (126,341,120 bytes) Packed Size: 35.3 MB (37,101,568 bytes)
MD5: C862EB931137287914E60707E42D2F68

More releases... More releases...

PTB/Public Test Build

Size: 120 MB (126,316,544 bytes) Packed Size: 35.3 MB (37,089,280 bytes)
MD5: 446BB661967941271C3A0D7623D5F313

Brief Manual

Quick getting started manual included in the help file.

Portability Notes

  • Discord do not have portable mode. It stores its settings in Windows data folders while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.
  • You can help by upvoting this request to the official developer to add "portable mode" to their future release.

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