Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snipaste Portable, Snip. Then paste!
"Once you’ve snipped your intended image, you can edit it using various tools present on the bottom right corner of the snipped window. can paste it anywhere on the desktop using key combination Ctrl+W." —DigdarshanKavia@TWC, (Sep 1, 2016)
"Pasting works a little bit different than the default Windows operation. Instead of pasting the contents of the clipboard on the active window, Snipaste displays a previously copied image on the screen. Think of it as a preview of the image on the screen that you can interact with. It supports multiple sources including images, plain text, HTML and various others." —reviewer, (October 16, 2016)
"...Snipaste is configured to automatically detect windows and UI elements. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to include multiple such elements in a single snapshot, as other similar applications do. Alternatively, you can hold the click and drag the window to define the area to capture." —Mihaela Teodorovici, (Oct 27, 2016)
Snipaste is a simple but powerful snipping tool, and also allows you to pin the screenshot back onto the screen.
   Snipaste is easy and intuitive to use, but there are also many hidden features that can make your life even more efficient. Read the documentation if you are interested.

Size: 26.6 MB (27,938,816 bytes) Packed Size: 8.64 MB (9,068,544 bytes)
MD5: B126FC174DC9052EB00CC03747631D24

Size: 32.0 MB (33,619,968 bytes) Packed Size: 10.1 MB (10,645,504 bytes)
MD5: 56F84BC2F1798410297790F88550386E

Snipaste for Windows XP SnipasteXPPortable_1.12_XP.paf
Size: 25.8 MB (27,144,192 bytes) Packed Size: 8.34 MB (8,749,056 bytes)
MD5: B555641AE98AD1012108676345CD0461

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Unlike ShareX, no .NET required. You can safely bring this one out with your thumbdrive... Although we all prefer to use portables on Windows, right? :)

New Start up Feature

Please read the help.htm about the new start up feature.
Except for the XP release, the other releases have start up feature that might require administrator privilege. Read the related official FAQ section about this.

Portability Notes

  • It's 100% portable.
  • The Vista and up version has feature that requires administrator privilege, if you enable this feature it will create a task in the Windows tasks folder.
  • Running the portable app. on start up feature is also enabled.

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