Friday, November 18, 2016

Photo Stamp Remover Portable, remove watermark, people, date stamps and other unwanted objects from your photos!
"Photo Stamp Remover offers an admirable service to users, but falls short of meeting all its claims. While the program is simple to learn and operate, its results left us wanting more." — staff (September 10, 2009)
"Easy to use, quick install and very user friendly. Highly recommend this one. Can find discount code on the web." —sonspeedy (a user), (April 03, 2014)
"Photo Stamp Remover is a simple-to-use and straightforward piece of software that gives you the possibility of removing watermarks from your digital images, as the name implies." —Elena Opris, (Aug 14, 2016)
Photo Stamp Remover is a photo correction utility that can remove watermarks, date stamps and other unwanted objects that appear on photographs.
   Offering a fully automatic process, the program uses an intelligent restoration technology to fill the selected area with the texture generated from the pixels around the selection, so that the defect blends into the rest of the image naturally.
   What takes hours to correct using the clone tool, can be accomplished in a minute using Photo Stamp Remover.

Size: 44.2 MB (46,432,256 bytes) Packed Size: 9.69 MB (10,166,272 bytes)
MD5: 438CEA0E568281EDD0445ACAD2832E64

How to Activate:
  • Go to this address.
  • Enter your email address then confirm from your email inbox.
  • Enter your data and get your license key: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.
  • Connect to the Internet, run your portable app. and enter the license key from the SoftOrbits menu option.
  • Backup/archive your portable app. folder.
  • Don't be a cheapskate! Go to this address and share the event: Giveaway of the day — Soft Orbits Photo Stamp Remover 8.3

About this release:
  • One time release only, will not be updated in the future.

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