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calibre Portable, E-book management!
"The bottom line is that you should use Calibre. Why? Because although it is chock-full of features and customizations and it’s actually incredibly easy to use, allowing you to spend less time learning how to use it and more time managing and reading your books." —Aaron Couch, (October 16, 2012)
"Excellent program. While some of the options are a bit obscure to find or work with, it will allow you to do nearly anything.'s tech friendly but not particularly user-friendly. I still rate it 5 stars because of its wide range of features and options, the ability to edit eBooks directly, and its streaming library capabilities. Needs some user-friendly work but still an OUTSTANDING program." —furrepanther (a user),
"Calibre requires import (copying) of the users books. If the number is small, Calibre is OK. If the number is large, ... then Calibre creates problems..." —nobicycle (a user),
calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application.
   It has a cornucopia of features: library management, conversion, eBook reader devices synching, news reader, eBook/comics viewer, content server, and eBook editor.

Size: 179 MB (187,797,504 bytes) Packed Size: 61.5 MB (64,565,248 bytes)
MD5: 129931748D395E58CBA8F86CA6447D92

Size: 201 MB (211,128,320 bytes) Packed Size: 65.9 MB (69,181,440 bytes)
MD5: C83450E94930AC259BBCB29B2248739C

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calibre for Windows XP — Legacy Release

calibre portable for Windows XP or later calibrePortable_1.48.0_for_XP_rev_2.paf
Size: 157 MB (165,437,440 bytes) Packed Size: 53.4 MB (56,008,704 bytes)
MD5: 685423641D30139133AACE6CE4E939AF

Size: 181 MB (190,402,560 bytes) Packed Size: 58.1 MB (60,960,768 bytes)
MD5: FD95E49304257002B9E2D8402E3DAC44

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Full user manual included (pdf, epub).

Portability Notes

  • calibre stores some settings in Windows registry while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

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