Thursday, June 22, 2017

UC Browser Portable, speed beyond your imagination!
"An amazing product! Very fast. Beautiful themes and wallpapers." —Zoltn cs (a user), (February 08, 2016)
"Jerry Wen, the head of the initiative for bringing UC browser to desktops has stated that in the latest survey of their cell browser customers, they’ve discovered that a lot of them who use a PC every day are in search of a seamless cross-platform browsing experience on each mobile and desktop front. —Sumit Chauhan, (Apr 12, 2015)
"Overall, UCWeb has come up with a solid PC browser that strikes a balance between the functionality of Chrome and the needs of the average Chinese netizen. I only found a couple negative quirks ...I couldn’t use a VPN through the OpenWeb protocol (OpenVPN works fine) and I couldn’t get our site’s WordPress backend to load – but I didn’t spend much time troubleshooting." —Paul Bischoff, (8:00 AM on Apr 11, 2014)
Given its growing fandom on mobile devices, UC Web decided to do the desktop edition of UC Browser. This is an intuitive and speedy web browser based on Chromium, which comes loaded with a lot of UI customization features, in addition to cloud acceleration and data compression.

Size: 182 MB (191,885,312 bytes) Packed Size: 61.4 MB (64,458,752 bytes)
MD5: 19FFED6247914DF7BAE27825C4060A12

More releases... More releases...

Administrator level request

  • Except for network/proxy access, don't grant any administrator privilege when UC Browser asked ;)
  • Or if you accidentally click it, just delete this task: UCBrowserUpdaterCore from this folder %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks (just paste it into your File Explorer address entry).

NPAPI friendly

  • It can run PPAPI (Pepperflash) and NPAPI plugins (Flash, Silverlight, Java).
  • Want to update your portable plugins? Flash PlayerSilverlightJava/JRE

Our Takes

  • Apart from the older Chromium version it's based on, the UI is stunning!

Portability Notes

  • UC Browser and its plugins write to Windows registry and data folders while running—mostly non essential data.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

About the Publisher

UC Browser for PC Portable, speed beyond your imagination! Come and download the most popular mobile internet browser now!
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