Friday, November 3, 2017

Krita Portable, Digital Painting. Creative Freedom!
"...I think the major one is that Krita is a DIGITAL PAINTING program, and thats all it tries to be.  They aren’t trying to make a photo editor, thats why GIMP exists.  They aren’t trying to be Photoshop, they’re trying to be better." —jackthevulture (a user),
"The brush engine is pretty amazing. You have absolute control over your brushes allowing you to create effects and strokes really easy and fast. The interface, although a bit dated in its looks, is pretty well structured with docks that you can move around to create your own workspace. This is something that is very reminiscent of Photoshop..." Kev Z. (a user), (April 15, 2016)
"All the likeness compared to photoshop, huge amount of features and very fast. Much Faster tha photoshop for painting. ... Another Huge feature is the ability to use .PSD file format, so you can still maintain total flexibility with other people's work." —reberson a. (a user), (May 06, 2016)
Krita is a FREE sketching and painting program to create concept art, texture or matte painting, illustrations and comics, and more...

Size: 396 MB (415,715,328 bytes) Packed Size: 88.2 MB (92,553,216 bytes)
MD5: A784617D6D823E1D8C498965BAF10504

KRITA Documentation (7-Zip compressed archive, May 31, 2016)
Size: 354 MB (371,904,512 bytes) Packed Size: 117 MB (123,580,416 bytes)
MD5: 03E5FA7D74575F5C16476D50AC562414

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  • KRITA Documentation is dowloaded with HTTrack, provided separately from the portable app. since it has deep folder structure that Installer can't handle.
  • Open KRITA Documentation\\index.html to begin reading.
  • We also add incomplete official PDF documentation, read them from the help file.

Portability Notes

  • Krita stores settings in Windows data folders while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.


We make use of's Krita portable configuration. But the official Krita portable actually still stores settings—although small in size—in Windows data folders.

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