Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Epic Privacy Browser Portable, a more secure and private Chromium-based web browser!
"Active Do Not Track. One-click anonymizing proxy. Wipes all browsing traces on exit. Secure search. Keeps no history. Protects your privacy at every level. Not compatible with password managers. Some websites don't work, or work strangely. Search engine skips some standard search modifiers." —Neil J. Rubenking, (January 06, 2014)
"The best Epic browser feature, is perhaps the one click proxy, with a single click on a tiny  plug logo found in URL bar, you can hide your computer IP address and change it..." —Daniel, (1 October, 2013)
"Sadly, great idea, bad execution. If you want to have a higher assurance of privacy, you shouldn’t use this, use an open source browser with appropriate security related plugins – NoScript, RequestPolicy, Adblock edge (Not Adblock plus, which has been compromised)." —Kelly J. Rose, (September 8, 2013)
Epic Privacy Browser is a Chromium based Internet browser for Windows and Mac advertised as privacy friendly.

Size: 173 MB (181,538,816 bytes) Packed Size: 55.0 MB (57,769,984 bytes)
MD5: CD73CCEA39AF3CE5EE54D1601C2436A5

Portable Browser Plugins

Flash Player is included, you can get latest portable plugins here: Flash Player.

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