Sunday, April 30, 2017

XnViewMP Portable, the enhanced version of XnView for all platforms!
"The biggest difference between XnView and XnView MP is that the latter is optimized for improved performance in loading times and caching. And since XnView MP is capable of working with large amounts of files, this means that you can save plenty of time when it comes to organizing your files." —Alexandru Chirila, 28th, 2015)
XnViewMP is the enhanced version to XnView. It is a powerful cross-platform media browser, viewer and converter. Compatible with more than 500 formats.

Size: 219 MB (230,387,712 bytes) Packed Size: 60.6 MB (63,561,728 bytes)
MD5: 187BE1B1ACFE61A1A87269B081B404FE

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Portability Notes

  • XnViewMP's Qt library writes non essential data to Windows registry and data folder while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

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