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Coc Coc Portable, surf the web Vietnamese style!
"The company has so far spent $10 million, hired 300 staff - including 30 foreigners, mostly Russians...whether Coc Coc might be more willing to censor search results on behalf of the government, something Chinese search engine Baidu does for Beijing." —ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTER, (06:49 GMT, 16 May 2013)
"Coc Coc can satisfy the requirements that Vietnamese expect to see in modern browsers, from accessing Facebook anytime and anywhere, with any mobile network operator, to  downloading clips and videos from websites." —MTG, (10:06 | 22/05/2015)
"has in two years surpassed those from Microsoft and Mozilla to become the second most widely used in Vietnam, after Chrome, according to U.S.-based ... comScore." —DAVID MANN, (November 2, 2015 2:37 pm JST)
Cốc Cốc ('Knock Knock' in English) browser is a freeware Chromium-based web browser focused on the Vietnamese market, but also has English version.
   It features:
» accelerated and resumable downloads,
» ability to bypass DNS blocking (blocked websites),
» media content (audio, video) downloads from most streaming websites.

Size: 215 MB (225,996,800 bytes) Packed Size: 68.4 MB (71,725,056 bytes)
MD5: DD18CF8EC4A9CFF7458A85B480757583

More releases... More releases...

Coc Coc for Windows XP — Legacy Release

Coc Coc portable for Windows XP CocCocPortable_56.3.138_on_Chrome_50.3.2661.138_for_XP_rev_2.paf
Size: 189 MB (199,192,576 bytes) Packed Size: 59.2 MB (62,087,168 bytes)
MD5: E94DC7738B0F64FAC385D6D6DCC9D7FD

Portable plugins

  • You can update plugins to newer version and Coc Coc will detect it automatically.
  • Latest portable plugins: Flash Player.
  • More in the help.htm....

Other NPAPI plugins friendly Browsers

If you still use NPAPI plugins—Java, Silverlight, etc.—install the IE Tab addon or use:

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