Monday, February 27, 2017

PotPlayer Portable, global multimedia player!
"If you thought you'd seen it all in free media players, have a look at impressive Daum PotPlayer." — staff, (September 26, 2014)
"Lifehacker chose PotPlayer as the 'Best Video Player for Windows', saying, 'For its great performance, high number of features, and ability to play just about anything, we recommend PotPlayer for all your video playing needs.' PotPlayer was also chosen by Lifehacker readers as the third most popular Blu-ray playback suite." —Wikipedia
"...PotPlayer is worth at least a try. The interface is extremely minimalistic, letting even the most inexperienced accommodate in a jiffy. However, it's packed with rich features under the hood, coming in handy even to pro users. It might just convince you to keep it around for a long time." —Mircea Dragomir, (June 24th, 2015)
Daum PotPlayer is a pretty awesome free media player for Windows. It can play nearly all media files without requiring additional codecs yet supports OpenCodecs.
   It's easy to use yet rivals complex open-source projects in features and options.

Size: 96.6 MB (101,322,752 bytes) Packed Size: 28.2 MB (29,593,600 bytes)
MD5: A1D3BAF0DBA98019A606F18666CCA3BE

Size: 109 MB (114,769,920 bytes) Packed Size: 30.7 MB (32,239,616 bytes)
MD5: 90BB7D0903FDB42A3BFB59237806BCD3

About the release

  • If it can't play anything, try change the Video Renderer from the default Auto select (recommended).
  • OpenCodec codecs included.
  • Rev 1: Actual version in the About box is 1.7.457 but we stick to the display version release of 1.7.461.

Portability Notes

  • PotPlayer writes non essential data to Windows registry while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

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