Saturday, April 22, 2017 Development Portable, the open portable software standard!
PortableApss in the News... Development Portable are tools we use to portablize applications.
   They are customized version of official releases.
   We release these tools in compliance to GNU license.

Size: 12.6 MB (13,295,616 bytes) Packed Size: 2.57 MB (2,703,360 bytes)
MD5: C258279D256942EBB38EB6B09B764030

Size: 9.25 MB (9,703,424 bytes) Packed Size: 2.07 MB (2,179,072 bytes)
MD5: 58C225A37E8261C4CB484E6333EA80F8

Size: 328 KB (335,872 bytes) Packed Size: 52.0 KB (53,248 bytes)
MD5: AF4A5304C86D44124CA018F95E530C34

Size: 9.11 MB (9,560,064 bytes) Packed Size: 2.31 MB (2,424,832 bytes)
MD5: 031507E60AD7DA96F6F7702DC38155E3

About the Edition

  • The PA.c Launcher generator is now packed with NSIS Portable (Unicode) 2.46 Rev 2, so you don't need separate NSIS portable.
  • NSIS Portable 3.0 is PA.c release with some routine (.nsh) and plugins added. You need this to compile PA.c tools launcher (Launcher gen./Installer); or if you need to create any wholly custom portable application launcher.

Additional Softwares

We recommend these utilities in addition to the above *awesome* development suite:

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