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Bandizip Portable, All-In-One Free Zip Archiver!
"Bandizip is probably the best free file archiver right now" —Martin Brinkmann, (June 27, 2014)
"Bandizip is famous for its ultra-fast archiving" —AnkitGupta, (March 19, 2014)
"While we did encounter a few minor issues during testing, the program performed well overall, and it offers a nice set of options for customizing your user experience." — staff (December 15, 2014)
Bandizip is a lightweight, fast and free All-In-One Zip Archiver.
   Bandizip has a very fast Zip algorithm for compression & extraction with Fast Drag and Drop, High Speed Archiving, and Multi-core compression. It handles the most popular compression formats, including Zip, 7z, Rar, and so on.

Size: 18.9 MB (19,886,080 bytes) Packed Size: 4.60 MB (4,829,184 bytes)
MD5: 0ACA1D734DA2DE7670DFD779AE4D5D47

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Bandizip for Windows XP — Legacy Release

Bandizip for Windows XP — Legacy Release BandizipPortable_5.17_Build_12973_rev_1_32_64_bit.paf
Size: 19.5 MB (20,512,768 bytes) Packed Size: 5.90 MB (6,193,152 bytes)
MD5: 4C30D4DEEF0BB63B397FD0ABE89FC570

Portability Notes

  • Bandizip writes non essential data to Windows registry while running.
  • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

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