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Free Download Manager/FDM Portable is a powerful modern download accelerator and organizer
Free Download Manager (FDM) is a beefy open-source download manager with an impressive feature set... —Adam Pash,, 9/04/08 9:00am
All in all, Free Download Manager is a keeper since it has all the features one might require from such a software. Moreover, it does not stress your CPU every time you start a new download. You easily accommodate with all features put at your disposal due to the friendly interface, proving to be a practical application overall. —Bogdan Popa,, December 16th, 2014
Free Download Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use and absolutely free download accelerator and manager. Moreover, FDM is 100% safe, open-source software distributed under GPL license. Warning: beware of fake versions.

Size: 143 MB (150,863,872 bytes) Packed Size: 43.1 MB (45,293,568 bytes)
MD5: E4D73EB1DD21CA90E58427224F23106A

Size: 177 MB (186,306,560 bytes) Packed Size: 50.6 MB (53,088,256 bytes)
MD5: 1C4533D439F3B98D67B2C7156842DC65

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Free Download Manager — Legacy Releases

Free Download Manager for Windows XP Windows XP and up Build
Size: 35.0 MB (36,757,504 bytes) Packed Size: 10.6 MB (11,190,272 bytes)
MD5: D444B7AF601AFF3A27ABE4A224A36333

Windows XP without SP3 Build
Size: 25.5 MB (26,783,744 bytes) Packed Size: 7.95 MB (8,343,552 bytes)
MD5: 18E36347EB9F87945A699B985E9DBEBE

Free Download Manager older version Portable Older Build
Size: 23.0 MB (24,137,728 bytes) Packed Size: 7.16 MB (7,512,064 bytes)
MD5: 0457D6D8F123BD6F725E574BCCB86292

Windows XP Service Pack

  • Note for Windows XP users: Service Pack 3 is required for latest stable version.
  • More in the help.htm...

Portability Notes

  • FDM 5
    • FDM 5 do not have portable mode. It stores settings in Windows registry and data folders while running.
    • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.
    • You can help by sending request to the official developer to add "portable mode" to their future release. Portable mode will hopefully support portable browsers too :)
  • FDM Legacy Releases
    • FDM writes to Windows registry and data folders while running.
    • Make sure it exits cleanly before plugging out your thumbdrive.

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